Jon Rust b2b Jamie xx on No Boring Intros

End-to-end bangers with the Standard Place head and xx frontman.

Jon Rust - host of No Boring Intros on NTS Radio, promoter of London's Standard Place and Levels parties, and general DJ-about-town - recently went back-to-back with Jamie xx on NTS for two wonderful hours.

The xx frontman has been a frequent guest at the Standard Place parties over the years, and after the two played a show together in Amsterdam recently, they decided to get together and do a radio show together. Their set is a blast from end-to-end, starting with cratedigger specials (obscurities from Jean-Luc Ponty, mutant Italo disco from Hypnotic Tango, and Paul McCartney's mind-expanding Check My Machine all feature) and wading into slightly clubbier waters later on, albeit with a bit of weirdness always in sight (that's you, Joe). Stream it here, and check the full tracklist below.


Jean Luc Ponty - Plastic Idols
Fred Wesley and the JBs - House Party
Don Blackman - You Ain’t Hip
Keaith Mansfield - Morning Broadway
Paul Mcartney - Check My Machine
Ollie Nightingale - Disco Granny
Undisputed Truth - Space Machine
Buttercup Jones - Pusher
Nath & Martin Brothers - Livingstone
Mica Paris - South of the River
Loose Ends - Hanging On A String
Leon Hayward - Party
Harlequin Fours - Set It Off (US 12” Version)
Kurtis Scott - If You Feel It Get Up & Dance
Hypnotic Tango - Hypnotic Tango
Seven Davis Junior - You Make Me Happy
Wonderful ft Terisa Griffin - Kenny Dope Instrumental
DJ Fett Burger & Dj Speck Gurtel - Speckbass
(Something on Dance Mania)
Feidal One - Positron
Dizzee Rascal & Durrty Doogz - Stretch
Plasticman - The Music
Delroy Edwards - The Fast Lane
Joe - Maximum Busy Muscle
TCB - Unchained
STL - Your Turn
Zazou Bikaye - Guilty
Willy Colon - Inferno Dub
King Amazon - EQ414
Michael Watford - Holdin' On
Sagat - Fuk Dat
Walls - Burnt Sienna

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