Young Adults presents: House Slippers


Back in March we spoke to Lazy Brow, label boss at Friends of Friends and Young Adults, and he expressed his excitement for a new compilation called ‘House Slippers’. “We’re doing it DJ-KiCKS style – it’s gonna come in mixed form.” True to his word, it has come in mixed form, and you can listen to it below. Whilst Friends of Friends have released a stack of high octane dance music with a background in hip hop and R&B, Young Adults are much more about the lower tempos and four-to-the-floor rhythms. ‘House Slippers’ is a soulful journey featuring exclusive tracks from the likes of Mark E, Chamboché and Grown Folk and is a must listen for fans of deep disco labels like Throne Of Blood, Permanent Vacation, Under The Shade and Needwant.

1. The Socialites ft. Tesla Boy – Only This Moment (Sasha Anastasov Remix)
2. Closed Paradise – The Daulphin
3. Suzanne Kraft – Maybe Snakes (Permanent Vacation Remix)
4. Chamboche – Into The Murk
5. Mark E – Fake Bitches
6. NYCPARTYINFO – Mr. Everything
7. Ben La Desh – Let Us Down
8. Grown Folk – Just Wear It

Young Adults will release ‘House Slippers’ on April 23rd.

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