Premiere: Active Child’s Melatonin Mix


Choral pop extraordinaire Active Child blew our socks off with his massive-sounding  'Rapor' EP earlier this year, but he's back on Dummy today with something slightly more relaxed. The "Melatonin Mix", which you can stream in the player above, is a brief wander through a landscape of otherworldly vocals and spacious, dream-like production, encompassing the likes of FKA Twigs, The Knife and Brian Eno. Read what Grossi himself had to say about it below. 

Pat Grossi: " I put these tunes together while bouncing between London, LA, and Sydney. After a brief UK tour my body was pretty confused as to what time zone it was in, so when I flew back across the globe I decided I would help it out a bit and took a melatonin to sleep the flight away. I slept most of the way but awoke with 7 hours left in flight and that sense of complete confusion of where I was or how I had gotten there. Luckily I had these songs to bring me back to centre." 


1. Björk – Unravel (Cut the World edit)

2. FKA Twigs – Ultraviolet 

3. The Knife – Ready to Lose

4. The Bulgarian Female Choir – Kalimankou Denkou (The Evening Gathering + AC edit)

5. Unknown composer – Russians (Caretaker vinyl edit)

6. Vangelis – Theme from Antartica

7. David Bowie / Brian Eno – Warszawa

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