Norman Nodge – Berghain warmup mix


Berghain, a vast club based between the Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain districts of the former East Berlin, is techno’s holy of holies. A vast bunker, with one of the greatest soundsystems in the world, it plays host to some of the most incredible music on earth, but rarely do outsiders get a chance to hear the inside. Which makes, for dedicated armchair clubbers such as myself, the release of Norman Nodge’s warmup set from last week so welcome.

Norman Nodge (Norman Noczinski) is a resident at Berghain, and his warm-up set is as fascinating as you would imagine, and even more diverse, taking in a swooshing ambient, shiffle and Andy Stott-esque slow techno, and that’s only in the thirty minutes I’ve had a chance to listen to. His trick is striking a balance between the gritty industrial textures and dance-able rhythms, and this is a wonderful showcase of this.

Berghain 14th Jan 2012 pt1 by Norman Nodge

Berghain 14th Jan 2012 pt2 by Norman Nodge

Berghain 14th Jan 2012 pt 3 by Norman Nodge

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