Nguzunguzu for 2012 Kenzo Show


As further proof that LA knows how to do experimental music and popular culture better than most. Playing at the Paris Fashion week Nguzunguzu were invited by the creative directors of the Kenzo fashion label to provide the soundtrack for their show at the Universit√© Pierre et Marie Curie. It’s this frantic gem of a mix that features all original tracks and a most discerning insight into what it is about Dolly Parton’s voice in her famous track 9 to 5 that is so addictive. If you’re in Austin next week, make sure you see them at Dummy’s official SXSW showcase on Wednesday.

Bells breath
Dolly HA feat. Dolly Parton
Pulse FM
Up N Down
No Harps
Visions of Completion
Brass Touch feat. Harry Belafonte
Water Bass Power

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