Dummy Mix 77 // John Tejada


John Tejada has had a long and prolific career in dance music showcasing his lyrical take on techno. He’s released several full length albums on many labels, plenty of singles, remixed many tunes, and is a label owner himself. He was born in Vienna to a family of classically trained musicians, but relocated to his Mother’s native Los Angeles when he was a child. It was there that he got into electronic music production and collaborated with other talented musicians in the area. He started playing piano when he was four, threw himself into the drums at eight, and was trying his hand at DJing by the age of twelve.

Tejada’s first releases were on his own LA based label, but soon enough he was releasing on European labels such as Multiplex and the Generations label under R&S. By 1997 he was regularly DJing internationally at clubs and festivals like Fabric, DEMF, Sonar, and Rex Club. In 1999 another collaboration with jazz guitarist Takeshi Nishimoto, took his productions to an organic instrumental place combining Nishimoto’s guitar and Tajeda’s drumming. He has continued to go from strength to strength since then with no signs of stopping. His latest album, Parabolas, was released on Kompakt this week and is definitely worth checking out. Enjoy this deep and sweaty mix which precedes one of our biggest festival weekends very nicely.

Kompakt released John Tejada‚Äôs LP ‘Parabolas’ on the 20th June 2011


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