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Experimental electronic music producer Babe Rainbow is also known as Mr Cameron Reed from Vancouver, Canada. He released his debut EP ‘Shaved’ on Warp Records back in February last year. Featuring songs Popcommon and Celebrate, it has grown him a reputation for being one of the most exciting new go-to producers for woozy-headed, doom-dealing atmospherics. This year, as well as dropping the odd chopped and screwed remix of Lil B amongst others, he produced the stretched-out ecstasy landscape for Oakland rap duo Main Attrakionz to drawl over on Who Am I. Babe Rainbow’s second EP will be released on Warp on June 20th 2011. When he’s not taking over the internet, he is also a damn fine DJ. After killing it at our SXSW party, we had to have a Babe Rainbow Dummy mix (download the MP3 on the right and see tracklisting below) from him. It’s unreal-y, really good. Like, blast-it-out-your-window-this-bank-holiday good. Enjoy.

We dropped Cameron a few questions to find out what’s next for Babe Rainbow.

How’s it going?

I’m well. Finally recovering from SXSW. I’ve been locking myself in my apartment working on music and watching Netflix. Trying to stay out of trouble.

Can you please tell us a bit about the mix?

It’s more of a mixtape that combines the two worlds of music I spend the most time listening to. It’s really just as much a mix to me as it is your readers. Ha.

The first half is collection of more abstract dance, electro, house, minimal, pop etc. The kind of music that I love but no matter how hard I try I just can’t produce. My homies in Expendable Youth and LOL Boys put me on to a lot of this stuff. They’re incredibly knowledgable about so many genres of music. From popular to regional niches. I get schooled on them daily. The second half of the mix is the style of music I know well. I grew up on hardcore and hip hop. As I’ve gotten older I’ve gravitated more to hip hop. It’s my generation’s classic rock. I’m a huge fan of all eras of rap but it’s undeniable (to me at least) that the most exciting thing happing right now are these kids building mini empires for themselves. Artists like Main Attrakionz, Lil B, Odd Future (and Soulja Boy before them) are making music for the internet generation. And like the internet, their music is bizarre, hilarious, occasionally unfocused, but always engaging and full of personality. I love it.

What are you up to in the coming months?

Working on a few remixes. I’ve got one for Montreal’s Grimes and another for London’s Porcelain Raft coming out soon. I’m working on a big chopped and screwed mix for Brooklyn’s Create Build Destroy. I’ve been producing a lot more hip hop lately and will hopefully be collaborating with San Francisco’s the Jealous Guys and Oakland’s Main Attrakionz (again) very soon. (Shouts to Dave at Southern Hospitality). I’m working with Mishka NYC on something that I am beyond excited for but don’t think I can say much about it yet. And finally, I have my second EP coming out on Warp Records this Spring. A 6-song 12” and 8-song digital. More mature than my first EP. I’m very happy with it. It’s a diverse collection of some of the experiments I’ve been playing with since last Spring.

Anyone catch your ear at SXSW?

I saw a lot of bands I was already a fan of but I don’t think I really saw much new stuff. As far as really “discovering” new stuff at SXSW: Got to see Jackmaster and Deadboy from the Numbers crew play. They were both incredible. The Ghe2o Gothik crew were DJing at the Fader Fort and I really enjoyed their selection. Hunx and his Punx were awesome at their showcase. I had never really heard them. I’m really digging this band Troller that I didn’t get to see play but my friends were raving about it so I check em out and their fantastic.

Where are your favourite places to go in Vancouver for good music?

For dance-ier stuff you can usually find great DJs and touring acts at places like the Waldorf, the Biltmore, Fortune Sound, and W2. The best shows usually happen in weird warehouses that only last a few months or guerrilla parties in the forest or under bridges. If anyone is coming to Vancouver and wants to play an unconventional venue get in touch.

Babe Rainbow ‘Shaved’ EP was released by Warp Records on February 8th 2010

Dummy mix 69 // Babe Rainbow tracklisting

1. LOL Boys Aisle Seat
2. Matias Aguayo Rollerskate
3. Nicolas Jaar Mi Mujer
4. Aardvarack Nosestep
5. Braiden The Alps
6. Jam City Arpjam
7. Expendable Youth Heyo
8. The-Dream Yamaha
9. ceo Come With Me
10. Lil B I’m Paris Hilton
11. Travis Porter Make It Rain
12. Lady Yankin
13. Kid Ink Keep It Rollin
14. French Montana So High (feat. Curren$y)
15. Main Attrakionz Legion of Doom
16. Frank Ocean Swim Good
17. The Weeknd The Morning


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