Dummy Mix 621 | Ben Hauke


The Londoner hands in a non-stop hour of genre-spanning dance floor heaters...

South East London native Ben Hauke is a rare breed of dance fanatic who holds dear a refreshingly hands on approach when it comes to cooking up new music. Typically favouring his MPC 500 over the cut-and-paste process of modern production software, the beat-making maestro isn’t afraid to express himself and effortlessly moves across spaces, such as jazz, breaks, garage and acid with ease. Following the success of ‘One Year Dance’, the last project of Ben’s on his self-minted Woop Records, his forthcoming EP ‘Nobol’, out October 12, promises a brand new collection of 4×4 pumpers doused in his trademark South London style.

Helming the latest in our mix series, Hauke hands in a non-stop hour of genre-spanning dance floor heaters, slotting moody, low-slung house and techno alongside bubbling acid, breaks, electro and everything in between, forcing you to bounce in a way that the producer and DJ’s output always does.


Workin’ Happily – ‘Better Things’ (Workin’ Dub)
25 Hour Experience – ‘Together’
X-Presidents – ‘Diamond Rings ’96’
Ben Hauke – ‘Nobol (WOOP006)’
Baffled – ‘Going On’
KMA Productions – ‘Cape Fear’
Sweely – ‘More Love’
Skyjuice – ‘Wondering’ (Unreleased Bonus Track)
Stereo Mars – ‘Bruk Wile’
Ben Hauke – ‘simcity (DUB) 2’
Project 88 – ‘Bad Manners’
Yem Gel – ‘Avarija Valley Rect’
Ben Hauke – ‘Negative Test’
Stereo Mars – ‘Changed For You’
Ben Hauke – ‘Turn It On (master)’
Hagan – ‘Right Here’
Eirwud Mudwasser – ‘Shivers’ (DJ Normal 4 ft 4 Boom Hombre Lobo MiXx)
Ben Hauke – ‘Every Where I Go (WOOP006)’
Ben Hauke – ‘WE WANT THE BAG (mix)’
MC Palakata & Tom Blip – ‘Singeli Jungles’
Africa HiTech – ‘Light The Way’

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud. 
Pre-order Ben Hauke’s ‘Nobol’ EP here.

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