Dummy Mix 580 | T5UMUT5UMU


The New York-via-Tokyo producer steers us through everything from dub to Death Grips...

Though not a household name in the club world yet, Japan-born T5UMUT5UMU is making some of the most innovative music out there. Emerging from the Tokyo underground, before recently moving to New York, he specialises in uncompromising club constructions, smashing together elements from techno to jungle and dark-edged breakbeat.

Known for his blisteringly good edit packs of artists like Arca, Rabit and Kanye, T5UMUT5UMU recently released his ‘Incantation’ EP via consistently good Chinese label FunctionLab (read our feature on the pioneering imprint and listen to label boss Juan Plus One’s mix). His ‘Stone World’ (one of three T5UMUT5UMU tracks spun by Walton in his Dummy Mix), pits hard pointillist drums against cut up bagpipe sounds: something that on paper really shouldn’t work, but it bangs.

A globe-roving selection of watertight cuts, T5UMUT5UMU’s Dummy Mix takes many interesting turns. With exciting moments for fans of everything from dub to Death Grips, it’s a thrilling listen. “I used some unreleased tracks for this mix and I hope you enjoy them,” T5UMUT5UMU says. “In addition, this mix contains some of my favourite Japanese underground tracks, so be sure to check out their activities. I thank Dummy who invited me to this mix series and the artists who provided the tracks.”

Dubamine – Joker Smoker
T5UMUT5UMU – Orochi
Ago – Zero Shift
Bruno Uesugi – 500 Vagabundos/500名の浮浪者
Rabit – Blood Eye (T5UMUT5UMU Edit)
Zero Quattro – Frio da Russia
House of Suns – Wane
Fleezus, SD9, KBrum, Li-O, Scarlett Wolf – Seleção
Catarrh Nisin, Duff – Tsujigiri Barz
Damndef, Tre Mission – Don’t Need
Biome, Hypho – Encoded
Cocktail Party Effect – I Feel Sick
Tropical Interface – Elements
Broken Haze – RX-7
Desto – Flicker Blade
Killawatt – Cosmic Cogs
T5UMUT5UMU – Dominator
Xao – Alfa Romeo
Polymorphie – Jean
AQXDM – Ballad 002
Kamikaze Space Programme – Sparks
Death Grips – Guillotine
T5UMUT5UMU – 2019 [VIP]
Jossy Mitsu – Whirl
Jacques Greene – Nordschleife
Oli XL x Burial – Rogue Idiot x Gutted (Avbvrn Simple Blend)
zarya – Беги
Emmanuel – Chainreaction
Dax J – Wir Leben Fur Die Nacht
Deli Girls – I’d Rather Die
Wristboi – Spells
Amenkenzies – Whatcha Come Again
Itoa, Lean Low – Trippin’
xiangyu – ひじのビリビリ
Logic – Blues For You (Chimpo Relick)

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

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