Dummy Mix 571 // Juan Plus One


The Chinese producer blends Mandarin pop tunes into holistic, vigorous dance tracks...

Hailing from Hangzhou, Juan Plus One injects fresh blood into China’s underground dance music scene. Following a rebellious teen period playing punk rock music, Juan Plus One decided to dive into the world of electronics together with his then-bandmates Guan and GG Lobster, initially to create more chaos, just like they used to. They founded FunctionLab, a label that is currently carving out a unique, genre-less, raw music aesthetic in the Chinese underground club landscape.

Juan Plus One has played with some of the most renowned producers and most-talked-about emerging artists including Abyss X, Etapp Kyle, Coucou Chloe, Flora Yin-Wong, Munsing, Murlo, Naked, Paula Temple, Renick Bell, Rabit, Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones, Samuel Kerridge and Tzusing. He believes that genres from pop to emo, techno or even industrial can be moulded into weaponry to arm everyone on the dancefloor.

In his Dummy Mix, Juan Plus One has curated artists including a ’70s Taiwanese folk singer, ’80s rock icons, a ’90s diva, a ’00s mando-pop prince to FunctionLab’s rosters and their affiliates including Hyph11e, Swimful, 33EMYBW, to give a perfect example of what his label is doing.

“All the tracks I picked up for this mix, they are either from Chinese artists or foreign artists that release their music on Chinese labels,” Juan Plus One says. “Some of the pop songs in it are the ones our generation grew up with. There is just so much music happening right now. I was born and raised in China and this set is merely a tiny cut of what was, is and will be like in Chinese club music culture.”

李泰祥, 唐晓诗 – 告别
Hyph11e – Unknown Number
莫文蔚, 伍佰 – 坚强的理由
Sean – Eyes
Swimful – Nailz
bela – 玄武 Black Tortoise
周杰伦 – 暗号
GG Lobster – Lost in the Supermarket (The Clash cover)
Mun Sing x Tomás Urquieta – A War of nothing (Juan Plus One blend)
33EMYBW – Adam Bank (Lechuga Zafiro Remix)
王菲 – 你快乐(所以我快乐)
Alex Wang – 0%
011668 & S280F – elsa.a
Slikback & Hyph11E – USINGIZI
GUAN – Incantation Punishment
Shushu & Vebe Suprada – Crush

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

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