Dummy Mix 529 // PBDY


The TAR boss and Brainfeeder artist delivers an inventive, dizzying mix

PBDY (pronounced ‘peabody’) is Paul Preston – label owner at LA’s consistently great TAR Records, Brainfeeder artist (as one half of JP Moregun), and previously FlyLo’s tour DJ.

He’s currently capping off a powerful year for TAR, who have released electronic experimentalism from the likes of BEAN (whose ‘Flatter’ we premiered), Grasps and Martin King, as the Los Angeles label continues to push things forward at a whirlwind rate.

Slotting dark footwork next to breathlessly dizzying club constructions, PBDY’s Dummy Mix centres around the unexpected – and it’s a wild ride.

He says: “This mix reminded me of when I first started making mixes. Without realising what I’m doing, I’m naturally telling you a story. Weaving through my own emotions, it gives the listener a glimpse into my life and mind. I’ve always revelled in sadness and sorrow, but only because tomorrow holds light. The sun will rise (for now) and we will get another day to figure this thing out. When I started this mix I didn’t realise how personal it would be. They always are chapters of my story but this one felt more vulnerable & impactful. Maybe it’s the fact that this is my last mix of 2018, or maybe it’s more the conclusion of one and the beginning of another. Whichever it is, it feels cathartic & healing. We push onward and hold each other close. Allow this to be your guide. Cheers & love. I’m finishing up my debut record at the moment. See you in 2019.”

Tune in below – and check the tracklist after the jump.

ubu boi – BISTRE
Slugabed – MILK (S280F RE-EDIT)
Grasps_ – Lasting Silence
??? – ???
TIDUR – Beachfront
Lapalux – Between
jjjacob – Nutrient Cycle
Dorian Concept – You See Full
mmph – Facade
Ross From Friends – Wear Me Down
Leon Vynehall – From The Sea/It Looms (Chapters I & II)
??? – ???
FAKETHIAS – Epinephrine
DJ PayPal – Slim Trak VIP
DJ Phil x Heavee – Tron Song VIP
PBDY – Bring Me Down (feat. Salami Rose Joe Louis)
Johann Johannsson – Mandy Love Theme
L3T3 – Honey
Strangeloop – Beautiful Undertow
Channel Tres – Topdown
maximilli0n – OASIS
A$AP Ferg – The Mattress (feat. A$AP Rocky) (Noer the Boy Remix)
Freddie Gibbs – Automatic
NIAGARA – Amarelo
P. ADRIX – Sonhos
Pope – oксана
ccontrary – Reach To The Moon
Johann Johannsson – Memories

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

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