Dummy Mix 459 // DJ Guy


If you weren't already aware of DJ Guy, then get ready to be pleasantly surprised. The Cardiff-born producer has been heavily involved in the electronic music scene since the early '90s, but over two decades later, has only really begun to open up his vast archived musical output to the listening world.

Previously touching down on labels such as All Caps, NORD Records and Organic Analogue – Guy makes his debut on Hypercolour later this week with 'Concentric Rhythms'. Effortlessly encapsulating his enthusiasm in genres that have been crucial in the development of the UK's dance music heritage, the eight tracker moves from the likes of new age acid house roller Fresh Horizons to the spaced out jungle breakdown of Don't Hold Back 95 and lo-fi techno vibrations of title-track Concentric Rhythms.

Pulling together his treasure trove of '90s influences, we got DJ Guy on board for a mix ahead of the release on October 21st. We'll let the music do the talking, so kick back and listen to DJ Guy's mix below as he brings the weekend heat on a Monday with powerful vocal cuts, cosmic house, and all that falls in between. 

Dummy Mix 459 tracklist:
The Rhythm Formula Amazon Blue [Final Vinyl]
DJ Guy August 9th 2016 Jam [Unreleased]
Sugar Bear Don’t Scandalize Mine [Next Plateau]
Mike Huckaby First Gear [Half Baked]
Val G Frostbite [Vanity Press]
Jungle Wonz Time Marches On (Just Right Mix)  [Breakout]
DJ Guy Structures [OA]
Risse House Train (New York Mix) [Jack Trax]
Karen Gwyer Prophase Metaphase Anaphase Telophase [DBA]
Blind Faith feat. Tata Why Can’t We Live Together? (Acapella) [Minimal Records]
Mike Huckaby Another Fantasy [Synth]
Circuit Shelter Me (Acapella) [Cooltempo]
MLO Samarkand (Crispin J. Glover Mix) [Aura]
Arthur Baker and the Backbeat Disciples The Message is Club [Breakout]
Marco Zenker Motion (Illian Tape)
Lidell Townsend I’ll Make You Dance [Serious]
LMYE Manhattan [Idle Hands]
Carl Craig At Les [Buzz]
J.M. Silk Let The Music Take Control (Insaneapella) [RCA]
DJ Bone Black Patterns [Subject Detroit] 
Phuture Spank Spank [Trax Records]

DJ Guy's 'Concentric Rhythms' EP is out October 21st on Hypercolour.

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