Dummy Mix 457 // TSVI


Following in the footsteps of his debut EP 'Set You Free' last year, Nervous Horizon co-head TSVI returns with ‘Sacred Drums’ — a drum-track style 12” that extends the producer's exploration into the sparse yet super-charged soundscapes of the ever-evolving club music scene.

Relentlessly powerful from start to finish, it moves from heightened opening track Healer through to the funky flip of Darabukka, before the B-side goes a bit tropical jungle march on Parade and Assam's Children. Keeping us all on our toes, the NH boss then brings in further crew members to collaborate on two digital exclusives – taking drum patterns to another level with Luru on Egyptian Sensation, before taking onboard some deep basslines with DJ JM.

Picking up on last Friday's release, we invited TSVI to strut his stuff in our mix series and, with tracks ranging from new DVA material to Bok Bok and Sweyn's timeless club classic Papaya Lip Gloss, we definitely weren't disappointed. 

Listen to TSVI's mix below, and remember, we're halfway to the weekend.

TSVI's 'Sacred Drums' EP is out now on Nervous Horizons (buy).

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