Dummy Mix 259 // Dressin Red


Dressin Red is a producer based in Glasgow. We say 'producer' without any prefix because it's quite hard to box him into any one genre: like many a young musician today, his stuff sounds to our ears as if it draws equal influence from hip hop as it does ambient/electronica as it does '80s funk as it does rattling club trax as it does MIDI pop as it does… well, you get the picture. His sound design has the sort of pristine quality that people spend years perfecting, but Dressin Red is only 20 years old: who knows how good his music might sound in five years time?

After building up a small following in the online beat community, Dressin' Red made his debut appearance on Astral Black with his 'Head/Body' EP, but his new 'Kibble Palace' EP finds a perfect home on Brighton's constitently fresh Donky Pitch.

Dressin Red is set to play a live set at a Dummy-presented Astral Black showcase at the Bussey Building in Peckham, South London this Friday (June 5th), joining the likes of Jon Phonics, DJ Milktray, and Jaisu. Entry is free – you just need to RSVP by emailing names to rsvp@dummymag.com.

Hello, Dressin Red! Who are you and what do you do?

Dressin Red: "Hey! I'm Lachlan and I'm a student at Glasgow School of Art where I do silly performances and drawings. I make music as Dressin Red as well, with a release on Astral Black and more recently Donky Pitch!"

You're at a party and some bloke asks what you do. How would you describe your music to him?

Dressin Red: "'Wide-eyed digi-R&B-club-neoclassical-ambient' would be a pretty good and funny description, courtesy of you guys at Dummy."

What's going on in this mix? 

Dressin Red: "I wanted to put together a mix that had a nice combination of music with and without drums. Some of the most powerful music that I listen to doesn't have drums, and as much as I'd like to push the idea that I'm an amazing DJ who can make anything work in the club, I don't really play it out. So I wanted to show some of that, like Harold Budd & Brian Eno, alongside other influences such as Earl Sweatshirt and Machinedrum. Hopefully people can enjoy it while they travel on the bus or chill or something like that."

Have you got any future releases and things sorted and in the pipeline?

Dressin Red: "I don't have any more releases officially lined up just now. I've got a bunch of new music though, and I am making new stuff. so hopefully people will get to hear that in the near future. I'll be DJing over the summer, so look out for me in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and maybe some places further afield!"

What have you been taking inspiration from in your music recently?

Dressin Red: "John Frusciante – TOP 10 solos on YouTube." 

Donky Pitch released the 'Kibble Palace' EP on May 25th 2015 (buy).
Jaisu plays Dummy x Astral Black at The Bussey Building in Peckham, London on June 5th 2015 (RSVP for free entry).

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