Dummy Mix 21 // Pictureplane


What will 2010 sound like? Well, if it’s anything like the mishmash of high energy futuristic weirdness and classic all-nighter rave that Travis Egedy, aka Denver’s PICTUREPLANE, has cooked up for us then I will be very happy indeed. Download it on the right plus, if you missed it, check out PICTUREPLANE’s songs of 2009 here.

What will your mix do to our heads?

Ideally this mix should be the alchemical ingredient needed to complete the sexual union of your feminine and masculine qualities and attributes to induce trance states, trance/ndence and physical connection with the divine hermaphrodite.

What have you included and why?

Just some shit I am feeling at the moment. Things that are influencing me musically and artistically. The mix is all over the place, from darkwave into hardcore, funky house to dancehall, queer gangsta rap to jungle.

What’s the music scene like in Denver?

For it’s size, the Denver music scene is huge. There are so many bands here. There is a really large crust punk/hardcore/anarcho scene here that is pretty good. And there is also a thriving scene surrounding Rhinoceropolis (a warehouse venue that I live and throw shows in). The Rhinoceropolis scene is a sort of anything goes experimental artcore weirdo scene.

How’s your new album coming along?

I just bought a new adamite crystal to channel positive creative energy…

When are you next over in the UK?

Spring time? Sometime around the release of my 12’‘ on Isomorphs I will be in London for some dates. Be on the lookout.

What’s your favourite colour?

The unseen.

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