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About a year ago, Panoram debuted his mini album ‘Accents’. It’s a beautiful record, both audibly and visually, featuring seven sublime slices that venture into a nebulous realm between lo-fi, smoothed-out machine funk and bubbling modern acid textures. Released on Scenario, a label operated by his ex-wife, which is also home to Rome artist Ad Bourke’s sumptuous six-track ‘Raw Ivy’ EP, it explodes with a kaleidoscope of shades, and lures with a strange kind shuffling, stripped-back jazz-funk groove, creating the ethereal ambience that encourages repeated listens.

With a record in the works for Edinburgh house label Firecracker Recordings, and ahead of the release of his forthcoming EP on Scenario this spring, we took the chance to invite Panoram into our mix series. What he delivered is an half-hour recording, consisting of purely original material showcased in the format of a mixtape. The former RMBA participant was also kind enough to answer some questions we sent him, though he laid down a few ground rules, demanding the secrecy of his name, nationality, and forbidding any reference of his previous associated projects. That’s all we can tell for now, though you can check out his brilliant Boiler Room live set, where he showed his face and performed with a heavy amount of hardware.

Hey Panoram, what’s your mix gonna do to our head?

I think your head will get slightly smaller after the first listening.

Are all tracks included your own production? Can you highlight a few cuts from the mix and why?

Yes, all my own babies. Some of them are rejects from the first record, some are songs from ‘Accents’ but seen from a different angle and some are just newly born like the last one which is about multiple dreams.

We liked ‘Accents’ a lot, is there an EP or album in the works?

Yes, there are a few new releases planned and one of them will be on Scenario again, which is the label runned by my ex-wife Andrea.

You’ve got quite an exceptionally warm and sultry sound, do you agree?

I don’t know. [The] fact is that I’ve been asked to make some music for a Hungarian avant-porn movie so maybe yes, you are right.

Who/what has influences on how you make music?

My music is quite detached from what happens to me, it goes on its own path.

Who are you digging at the moment?

Tommy Guerrero is good.

What’s your day job?

I make music for small shopping malls who can’t afford mainstream tunes.

And finally, goals and predictions for 2013?

Would love to clean up my studio once.

Scenario released Panoram – ‘Accents’ EP on 11th January, 2012.

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