Bullion introduces his DEEK label with an exclusive mix


London producer Bullion has a good pair of ears on him. Something you’ll be familiar with if you’ve ever picked up his releases for Young Turks and R&S over the years, listened to his crate-mining NTS radio show (catch up here) or clocked his recently unveiled, sort-of supergroup Nautic with Laura Groves and Tic of Young Turks.

Now he’s using those ears to unleash the DEEK sound on the world. DEEK is his new label that the eagle-eyed among you will have noticed he released his ‘Love Me Oh Please Love Me’ EP via back in May. More than label boss, Bullion will be the in-house producer for a roster that includes the aforementioned Nautic, a collaboration between Bullion and Gorillaz/Owiny Sigoma Band member Jesse Hackett called BLLUDD RELATIONS, and Blues Roses to name but a few of the not-at-all-motley crew.

Make your musical introduction with this exclusive DEEK mix from Bullion spanning oddball soul, percussive pop and digital groove that’s upcoming on the label in 2013, and scroll down for the tracklist and a few good words from the man himself.

What’s this DEEK thing all about then?

Bullion: Over the last couple of years I’ve met various people with a like-minded approach to music. In different combinations we’ve made quite a lot together. DEEK is a channel for releasing what we’re doing. The spirit of labels like Crammed Discs and On-U Sound is a big influence. Music that is diverse, full of feeling and underpinned by a strong sound. Sound is vital to DEEK.

Could you tell me a bit about the artists on the DEEK mixtape?

Bullion: There’s BLLUDD RELATIONS (Jesse Hackett and me), Van Conk (a relocated loner from Corby), Otis (self saboteur & in-house designer. Pipe Down!), Nautic (massage in a bottle), Louis Hackett (also Slipperz) and finally Blue Roses (sings her heart out).

Nautic in rehearsal, December 2012.

Will you be producing all the records on the label?

Bullion: The idea is that I am the in-house producer, but not everything requires more production so it’s a loose rule really.

You’re still going to be releasing records as Bullion though, right?

Bullion: Right!

What does DEEK have coming up in 2013?

Bullion: Plans can always change, but…a BLLUDD RELATIONS album, an EP from Blue Roses, more Nautic, some piano compositions by Louis Hackett, utility songs from Suicide Presley, a solo record by Jesse Hackett and a clip round the ear from Otis.

Loving the Nautic music so far. What’s next for you guys?

Bullion: We’re steadily working on new tracks. It’s a free flowing group with new people in all the time so it’s changing shape which keeps things fun.

And finally, have to ask: favourite record of the year?

Bullion: Micachu & The Shapes – ‘Never’

Listen out for DEEK releases in early 2013. Nautic play Boiler Room in London tonight as part of the Young Turks special, 7pm-11pm GMT.


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