Live broadcast: Stream Lil Silva live at GETME!

28.03.11 Words by: Charlie Jones

After unsuccessfully trying to seek shelter and last orders in several pubs, me and my friend arrive at GETME! at C.A.M.P a little wind-chapped, disgruntled and sober. But such attitudes didn’t stand a chance when you walk straight into Nightwave’s (previously known as 8bitch) neck-popping ghetto house and juke set. There was a brief interlude in the DJs in the form of Tawiah’s live PA. Only on stage for one song, it was a brief but captivating performance from the lady behind the vocals of Zed Bias’ Further Away from last year.

Then it was all about Lil Silva. In among his set you’ll hear anthems in the form of Breach’s Fatherless, FisT’s Nighthunter, Dizzee’s I Luv U and an edit of Show Me Love, but what you really have to listen out for is all his own, unnamed, unreleased, untamable tracks which he snuck in there. There is one that’s easy to spot and it’s definitely appearing on his new EP out on Good Years next month. Clue: it’s graced by our generation’s soul-star, Sampha. On your marks, get set….

Good Years will release Lil Silva’s EP ‘Patience’ on 25th April 2011


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