Secousse EP

05.01.10 Words by: Charlie Jones

Unless you have been living under a rock for a couple years, you will have inevitably had your ear holes rattled at some point by Etienne Tron and Johan Karlberg better known as Radioclit – a moniker as rambunctious and sexual as the sound itself. In 2007, Divine Gosa smashed pretty much any dance floor you set foot on and in 2008 we were landed with Secousse on Mental Groove. While DG sent the listener through the only safe route through a screeching pile up on a techno motorway, Secousse offers some frenzied afro-beat/baile funk goings on located in some sort of Congo/Amazon amalgam with a twist of East London’s street life.

The new EP release comes with a remix by some familiar names and some not so familiar – dubbed here as the Secousse Allstars – plus a load of other remixes. On the release, each remix is built around the tune’s most distinguishible feature – the ear-bending hook – while tapping into the gushing tribal bolshiness of the original. This is how some of them go down:

All Stars Vocal remix
Oh the joys of Baile Funk! This is the essense of the track filled with good-time vocals supplied by Afrikan Boy, Mimitah, Mo Laudi, BLK JKS, Marina, Kudaushe, Esau Myamwaya, ISA GT and Jose Hendrix. If you like your dance music tropical and completely bonkers, this is the tune for you.

Riva Starr remix
Tribal drumming with some cheeky, Afro vocals that builds and builds and builds… Bongos, tom toms, steel drums, the sound of an aeroplane taking off, until… the explosion of a juicy, fat bass line. Over the bridge and it opens into a funky ass Xylophone frenzy. This is dancefloor stuff to move sexy to. Good work from Made to Play wonderkid, arguably one of London’s most promising producers.

Brodinski remix (Download here for free)
Speaking of promising producers, reinvented decendent of the techno genotype, Brodinski, was last year’s dance floor man of the year. Renowned for jumping effortlessly from techno to ear-twisting electro, last year he teamed up with Noob to bring us Peanuts Club which was spectacular and, in 2010, the Parisian is poised, with his finger on the pulse, to produce some even better material – we hope. And this is yet another piece of gold. Stripped down and quirky, it’s a Techno take on the original with comedy flute melody thrown in for good measure.

Paul ‘Mad Decent’ Devro remix
Bass line cacophony from Diplo’s buddy, Paul Devro. It erupts into a rolling smog of bottom end mess and sounds a bit like a child’s music box in the middle, yes, you guessed it, all underpinned by the clatter of percussion.

Roundtable Knights remix
Chopped up and stepped out take on the original. Breaks down in the middle for some vocal taunting just to take off into some more of that screeching melody. Nice, inventive remix.

Buy the limited edition 12-inch fur vinyl here

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