Roll The Dice live at Cafe Oto, London

30.09.11 Words by: Zara Wladawsky

On a wet and dusky night last week Stockholm duo Peder Mannerfelt and Malcolm Pardon, known as Roll the Dice, made their UK debut at Cafe Oto, London. After hasty, huddled cigarettes in between acts, the low-ceilinged room refilled and with it, a scent of damp wool and a city hard at graft. Slowly an analogue pulse started up, getting louder until it filled the crevices of the room. Two bearded figures, clad in workmen gear faced one another. Hunched over their machinery, they approached their synths with the same determined and inventive work ethic of the fictional characters of their concept album, In Dust. Heads down, fastidiously adjusting their synths they played tough, industrial loops which swelled, repeated and hypnotised against Ruben Broman’s visuals of rippling waters and TV static.

Roll The Dice live at Cafe Oto, London 20-09-11 by DummyMag

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