Holy Other, Nite Jewel, Pearson Sound, Hype Williams and so on play Elevate Festival in Graz

29.09.11 Words by: Charlie Jones

A lot of festivals market themselves as a festival with a conscience, aware of and doing their bit for the environment/society/your health (delete as applicable). Elevate, a “music, arts and political science” festival, taking place in Graz, Austria from October 20-26, is a little different to the run-of-the-mill boutique festival. Elevate is five days of lectures, talks and workshops dedicated to figuring out the impact modern shifts in technology, communications and media will have on our future society and global consciousness. If that isn’t enough to tempt you, Elevate is also five nights of top quality music made by artists who have one foot in the future themselves.

The legendary Schlossberg will be the hub around which the festival centres, and the city’s venues will play host to acts ranging from Acid Mothers Temple, Hype Williams and Planningtorock all the way to Nite Jewel, Pearson Sound and Space Dimension Controller. Other highlights include Holy Other (above), Kyle Hall, Dylan Ettinger, Loefah, Chex Damier, Move D, Boddika, Anstam, Rockwell, Maria Minerva and Solar Bears.

Elevate Festival 2011 Teaser from Elevate Festival on Vimeo.

Full weekend tickets are available from as little €45 and full details can be found on the Elevate website.

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