Love Remains

02.02.11 Words by: Charlie Jones

What’s the story?

The 2010 stand out album from Brooklyn’s Tom Krell (released in the USA last September on Lefse Records), is given a world wide release by Tri Angle Records.

What does it sound like?

The distorted R&B shadow puppets aesthetic familiar from Balam Acab, oOoOO, Forest Swords. But melded with Krell’s own swooning, near androgynous voice means the driving force is strongly charged, heart-hitting feeling. Walking the line between melancholy and euphoria, swinging either way depending on the listener.


My Body crumbles and rises, an emotional will-o’-the-wisp, falls with a velvety thud, before gliding off dream-wards again. The sensual pull of it is incredible. The brief Mr. By & By is a woozy dance strut. Blink and you’ll miss it. The strings ‘n’ static mingling on Decisions comes off particularly lovely. You Won’t Need Me Where I’m Going and Walking This Dumb are tougher propositions than most of the album, but their mood remains just as spiderweb fine.


Nothing obviously stands out as below par. Maybe Can’t See My Own Face is a bit too directionless. How much time you spend with this record will depend on whether you feel like being apart of an individuals, beautifully composed, but very personal, frail, world.


Still spellbound.

Tri Angle released How To Dress Well’s album ‘Love Remains’ on January 31st


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