Influences: TSVI – ‘Inner Worlds’

The producer talks us through the trance, tarraxo and Middle Eastern percussion influences behind his new album…


If there’s anyone who knows how to sort the wheat from the chaff, it’s Aphex Twin. Dummy was out in Bilbao over the weekend for BIME festival, and saw the electronic overlord drop ‘Whirl’ by TSVI to a rabid crowd, who were quick to lap up its dark percussive tendencies.

The Italian native and London-based producer, and co-head of Nervous Horizon, has been welding together various musical flavours from across the globe for some time, from dancehall to UK funky to tarraxo. His new 13-track album ‘Inner Worlds’ – an “ongoing artistic journey” – employs this melting pot ethic, scooping up a huge array of influences including the Middle Eastern music and Sufi ideologies of his partner’s background, as well as his Hindu upbringing in Italy.

Below, TSVI names ten tracks that have figured as integral influences for him on the new record.

1. Nancy Ajram – ‘Sallemouly Aleih’

“I discovered this track while on vacation over at my girlfriend’s parents house in Basel. We were blasting Nancy’s music all day and this song really stuck with me – the melody is so catchy!”

2. Taufiq Qureshi – ‘The Hunt’

“Amazing percussionist, table player and composer from India. I’ve tried to recreate the vibe of this track pretty much throughout the album.”

3. Emad Sayyah – ‘No Tabla, No Fun’

“I’m obsessed with bellydance tracks. This one in particular has an amazing groove, lots of tempo, and beat switches. His use of the tabla really influenced the way I use my percussion sounds in the album.”

4. Muslimgauze – ‘Sikh Out’

“So hypnotic. I remember one day listening to this for two hours straight on loop!!”

5. Aphex Twin – ‘Elephant Song’

“Absolute beast of a tune from Aphex – the distortion here is just insane.”

6. DJ Jean – ‘Lift Me Up (Barthezz Remix)’

“One of the best chord progressions in a trance tune – ever.”

7. Arca – ‘Sad Bitch’

“Been obsessed with Arca for a while and this track is my personal favourite from his album ‘Xen’.”

8. DJ Doraemon – ‘Massive Tarraxo’

“So much groove in this track. Big up DJ Doraemon always making fire tracks. Expect to hear more from him in the near future…”

9. DJ Plead – ‘Get In Circle’

“I’ve been playing this track in almost every set lol, DJ Plead is a master when it comes to Middle Eastern percussions and melodies.”

10. Equiknoxx – ‘Congo Get Slap Like A Congo Get Slap’

“Equiknoxx are just too sick! The chord progression here is epic and the dynamics (especially on drums and percussions) are out of this world. Worth checking out the Mark Ernestus remix as well!”

‘Inner Worlds’ is out via Nervous Horizon on November 9th and can be pre-ordered here.

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