Ghost Culture – ‘Arms’


The different approaches taken by Ghost Culture on his releases thus far could be seen as mapping with the gradual shift in the musical affiliations attached to his label boss, Erol Alkan. The Phantasy boss’ gradual dissociation from the indie world is in evidence in the more classical disciplines of house and techno that dominate his label’s output and DJ sets at present. Similarly, these differing musical disciplines are in evidence on this third EP from Ghost Culture, which comes packaged in the same pragmatic format as its predecessors: a pop track, an instrumental, and a more club-orientated production.

On Arms, the '80s pop influences that ran through previous releases are present again. Down to the snare hits, which are rung with the tinny echo of vintage drum machines, allied with the hollowed out, melancholy chords which open it, it’s a song tinged with nostalgia. The analogue production cultivates a ghostly atmosphere for the track which sits well with Ghost Culture's eerie vocals.

Understand, on the other hand, is a mid-tempo house groover which dispenses with the prominent 808 squelch which had been prevalent on the b-side of previous releases. Instead, we have gorgeous melodies which shine through with a clarity that’s in sharp contrast to the chunky, analogue sound of Arms.


Phantasy Sound release Arms on September 1st 2014 (buy vinyl/digital). Ghost Culture plays his debut live show at The Waiting Room in Stoke Newington, London on September 3rd 2014 (tickets).

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