Ellen Allien’s Guide to Berlin

13.05.11 Words by: Charlie Jones

Ellen Allien knows Berlin. She was born there in 1969, and has lived in the city right the way since it was East and West, through the collapse of the Berlin Wall, to now. Her debut album ‘Stadtkind’ [2001] was inspired by the sounds of the reunified city – clipped, metallic sounds, that are never allowed to get too dark and overwhelming due to the lightness off the textures surrounding them. She’s collaborated with Apparat in the past for the brilliant ‘Orchestra Of Bubbles’ album, and runs the record label B-Pitch Control. She’s playing the Red Gallery in London this Saturday, and so told us a little bit about her city while over visiting ours.

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1. A place that conjures up old memories?

Tiergarten is a great park in the center of Berlin. There is a corner for nudity. I used to go there with my family and sun bathe. And the biggest Love Parade in Europe used to be there.

2. A place that has had a strong influence on the music you make?

The clubs E-Werk and the Old Tresor, and the Hardwax record store.

3. A place you like to go out?

Watergate, Panorama Bar, Wilde Renate.

4. A place people who have never been to the city before should visit?

Kissing in the early sunday morning under the beautiful sky of Berlin, in summertime… wintertime … TV tower Alexanderplatz. Drinking hot Russian chocolate there, but please don’t eat there. Go for the view over Berlin.

5. A place you work/record?

The B-Pitch Control office is in Mitte. I work from there or from home which is also in Mitte.

6. A place that you have always visited since first living in the city?

I was born in Berlin so i know the city really well. I love the Schlachtensee. It is such a nice walk around the lake. It is a very Berlin thing to hang out in parks or by lakes.

7. A place that sums up the city for you?

Airport Tegel. I love this airport. This is were I land every Sunday. I love to come home and smell “Berliner Luft” – Berlin air which is one of a kind : ).

Ellen Allien plays ‘A Night With…’ at the Red Gallery (tickets here) on 14th May 2011

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