Eight things that inspired Innsyter’s ‘Poison Life’ LP


We first dropped the bomb on Brazilian techno producer Innsyter last August, when he released Side A of his textured techno live cassette EP 'LACR0018' on Delroy Edwards' lo-fi hotbed label, L.A. Club Resource.

Now returning with his debut LP 'Poison Life', he's already shared Cut Eleven, a track that effortlessly emanates in intense late night neon, Delorean cruise feels. With another eight tracks to play with, the LP is available now via the world's most simplistically divine online retail platform, Gene's Liquor.

To mark the release on February 12th, Innsyter shared eight things that inspired 'Poison Life', ranging from Bad Brains performing live through to the placid paradise of Checkers Online. Two absolute bi-polar opposites, but pretty radical all the same.

Read the list below, and tune into 'Poison Life' pronto, if you know what's good for you.

01. Hieroglyphic Being 'Disco Disaster Sessions' videos

Innsyter: "Jamal Moss is one of my main influences and these videos of him jamming in the bedroom are very inspiring. A routine of a music maker is wake up, turn on the machines, and let it flow. Creating music should not be complicated."

02. Checkers Online

Innsyter: "I like to play checkers between making beats, it's like a reset and a different way to exercise the brain. It helps me to keep a clear mind."

03. Smersh's music

Innsyter: "I listened to this a lot when I was making the tracks for 'Poison Life'. They have so many good tracks – a perfect balance between post-punk and some weird industrial electronics, without losing the funny touch."

04 . Ataque Sonoro VA

Innsyter: "Some crazy music here on this Brazilian old school punk VA. The recordings are so raw, with some bad reverb and shit chorus FX, but that is what makes it so interesting to me."

05. Street Trash

Innsyter: "Lots of fun with beautiful colors and proper visual effects!"

06. Bad Brains – Florida Live in 1987

Innsyter: "One of my favorites videos from YouTube. Dope setlist and very well played! There is something in this show that makes me always come back to watch it again. I never get tired of it. Great HR's mortal jump."

07. Boring club music

Innsyter: "I began to feel very bored at clubs. It was when I realised that the music they were playing there was pretty boring [laughs]. Even some DJs I used to like here started playing tedious club tracks. Somehow, it gave me a certain impulse to create my own dance music. Club music doesn't need to be dull."

08. Shorty Coopie N' Me

Innsyter: "Easily the best video clip in the world, not to mention the whole record."

'Poison Life' is out now on LA Club Resource (buy).

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