CFCF introduces Boat Club

18.07.13 Words by: Aimee Cliff

Silky pop label Cascine are gearing up to release a remastered version of Boat Club's 2007 'Caught the Breeze' EP for this summer, and they couldn't have timed it better; nothing says "heatwave" like six tracks of light, frothy electronic pop full of hazy Balearic rhythms, melodious synth wriggles and super-chilled guitar twangs. Don't take our word for it, though – listen to their biggest fan CFCF, who has cherished this EP since its original release six years ago, and thinks it's about time you did, too. 

CFCF: "I first heard Boat Club's 'Caught the Breeze' EP sometime after its original release in 2007. Something about the simplicity of its equation really struck me. It certainly wasn't alone in the sea of Swedish Balearic riding the waves that year (pardon the puns), but its strength to me was its concise, composed songs. Now-disbanded contemporaries like The Tough Alliance and Air France surely each had their personal ethos, and ways of expressing them either aggressively or incognito, but I've since held only 'Caught the Breeze' as a perfect example of timeless summer pop. Part Durutti Column, part Larry Heard, part Pablo Cruise, slightly unassuming, just calmly excellent. As person who rarely goes for grand gestures, it resonated deeply and has stayed in rotation ever since and soundtracked some fond memories, from Eurail voyages to humid evenings home. Sultry yet innocent. So here is Boat Club's 'Caught the Breeze'." 

CFCF's 'Music For Objects' EP is out now on Dummy Records; buy it here. Boat Club's 'Caught the Breeze' will be released on the 23rd July by Cascine; buy it here.

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