Case Studies: Meet the 17 artists who are playing the Dummy AGM this weekend


In anticipation of our first ever Dummy AGM, we’ve put together these handy “case studies” to explore the history, output and future of some of the artists performing. In the process, we've found out loads of snippets that have made it worthwhile, including plenty of brilliant album news, with Rainer, Eaux and Brolin all sayin that they're working on their debut albums, and Darkstar confirming that they're already hard at work on the follow-up to their staggeringly great 2013 LP 'News From Nowhere'. Meanwhile, Only Real has been getting congratulatory texts from his Dojo master and Larry Gus hasn't eaten any chocolate in three months. The music industry is all swings and roundabouts.

Click on any of the images above to launch the gallery and find out more about the artists we're featuring this weekend, what they've got on the horizon and why you should be excited about them. Tickets for the AGM are still available here.

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