“Hello, BNJMN!”


Rush Hour never fails to deliver good music. A few months back, we were blown away by BNJMN’s debut LP ‘Plastic World’ on Rush Hour, an album so adventurous and coherent in the electronic soundscape that it blurs the lines between house and electronica. In fact, the elusive Bournemouth-based producer has recorded using several different guises (Jackhigh, 141, Rewolf, and Singing Statues) and released a number of low-key singles before ‘Plastic World’. No matter who he is, his second MP3-only release ‘141’ that came out last month on Serbian label Svetlana Industries (who also put out Nightwave’s ‘The Feel’ EP recently) does not fail to impress. On first listen, the first track One Sea already excites us – warm, acidy, multi-layered; its dark, grainy and buzzing synths create a world of its own, push the boundaries and explore the untouched region of hybrid sounds. Download BNJMN’s One Sea on the right – listen to it, dance to it, and drift away.

We had a quick chat with BNJMN via email, and he talked about his heroes, down-tempo music, football and cats. For those who are in London this weekend, you can catch BNJMN’s first ever live show at BleeD, at which Legowelt, Robodello, and Casper C will also make an appearance. Expect the unexpected for this one.

What’s your name?

Ben Thomas

How old are you?


What’s your current location?

Bournemouth, UK

How would you describe your sound?


How do you record?

Using a very basic laptop setup, no boutique analog gear.

What’s your previous experience?

I recorded previously under Jackhigh making down-tempo beats music. I also used to play in bands as a teenager.

Who’re your heroes?

Kraftwerk, Neil Young, Radiohead, John Martyn, Drexciya.

How did you hook up with Serbian label Svetlana Industries?

They contacted me about doing a remix a few years back, we chatted some more and they decided to put out the EP I did with Teebs last year, followed by the ‘141’ EP.

2011 has been a pretty productive year for you so far, is there another release coming out any time soon?

There is another but I shouldn’t talk too much about it yet.

What should we expect from your first live show?

The unexpected. Anonymity.

What do you do when you’re not making music?

I play football, go for walks, stroke my cat.

Do you not like vowels?


BNJMN will play his debut live show at BleeD in London this Friday (8th July), alongside Legowelt, Rebolledo, and Casper C. Tickets can be bought HERE.

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