Actress shares his photos from WERKHAUS Exhibit 1

24.02.12 Words by: Ruth Saxelby

Text: Ruth Saxelby

Towards the end of last year Darren Cunningham, aka consistently thrilling London producer Actress, held an exhibition in The Rag Factory, a hidden away space down a back alley in east London. Entitled WERKHAUS Exhibit 1, it gathered together art works in various mediums from friends and collaborators including Lukid, film maker Sam Blair and Maze video directors/makers Luke Alexander and Jamie Thompson (check their feature-length version of the Maze video here). Also on display were three artworks by Actress himself, which you might recognise as the forerunners to the cover art of his forthcoming new album ‘R.I.P’, due on Honest Jon’s in April. The evening’s raison d‘être was to launch WERKHAUS, an off-shoot of Actress’s WERK DISCS label that is, according to the WERKHAUS Facebook page, “a creative group of producers, sound designers, artists and filmakers.” One to keep an eye on then. Actress also documented the night, the results of which Dummy is proud to share with you in the gallery below (click any photo to open).

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