Flying Lotus drafts in David Lynch for the unsettling ‘Fire Is Coming’ video

Five years on from ‘You’re Dead!’ Flying Lotus has returned with ‘Fire Is Coming’ – a new, surreal video starring David Lynch as a storytelling wolf.

Directed by Steve Ellison himself and Salad Fingers creator David Firth, the unsettling video arrives with the announcement of ‘Flamagra’, set for release on May 24th via Warp.

As well as Lynch, ‘Flamagra’ is billed to feature Anderson .Paak, George Clinton, Little Dragon, Tierra Whack, Denzel Curry, Shabazz Palaces, Thundercat, Toro y Moi, Solange and more.

“I’d been working on stuff for the past five years, but it was always all over the place. I’d always had this thematic idea in mind – a lingering concept about fire, an eternal flame sitting on a hill,” Flying Lotus says. “Some people love it, some people hate it. Some people would go on dates there and some people would burn love letters in the fire.”

Watch it now.

‘Flamagra’ is released by Warp on May 24th 2019. 

femme culture’s ‘HeForShe’ charity compilation is filled with gems

femme culture – the label we selected as the best of 2018 – have just released their ‘HeForShe x femme culture Vol. 2’ compilation, in aid of UN Women.

It finds tracks from label head Elkka (who helmed a ravey Dummy Mix for us recently) alongside cuts from Martyn Bootyspoon, Mr Mitch, India Jordan, Nightwave, Lone, and more.

The label and collective is continually championing representation for women and LGBTQ+ artists in music, and this 14-track tape is yet another body of work released in celebration of this.

Listen to the whole compilation now:

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Premiere: Morgan Hislop hands in this ridiculously fun Crookers rework

Hot on the heels of his colourful ‘Watch As My Ceramics Crumble’ EP, which saw him collaborating with NAINA on ‘My Shadow Is Always With Me‘, Morgan Hislop has taken the knife to Crookers.

Released as part of Moveltraxx’s new ‘Street Bangers Factory 11’ compilation series, Hislop’s rework of ‘Scopare’ is a hi-NRG slice of club euphoria – all synth stabs and angular hyperactiveness.

Check it out now – and stream the whole compilation.

Listen to Morgan Hislop’s Dummy Mix.

Premiere: Sam Binga drafts in Houston hip-hop legend Paul Wall for ‘All Cap’

Sam Binga has been pushing a UK underground-focused sound for some time, dancing between areas like jungle, dub and dancehall for a shadowy, bass-laden output that has always sounded fresh. The Bristol-based producer’s latest offerings, ‘Everfresh’ and the ‘Simmer Down’ EP, saw him mining UK pressure in the same vein, and now Binga has applied his weighty, jungle-meets-footwork sound to a new EP, ‘If The Cap Fits’.

Having already hooked up with dub vocalists and UK rappers like Warrior Queen, Rider Shafique, and Fox, it was time for something different. Binga drafted in North American rap hierarch Paul Wall, responsible for tracks like ‘Sittin’ Sidewayz’, ‘Still Tippin’ and ‘Grillz’ with Nelly, cuts that essentially put Houston on the rap radar and catapulted him to stardom.

Arriving on London drum ‘n’ bass label Critical, we caught five with Sam Binga to find out how the unlikely transatlantic collaboration came about – and you can listen to ‘All Cap’ underneath.

Talk us through the EP as a whole – what was the main thinking behind it?

With this EP, I really wanted to pull together a bunch of the different strands of things that have interested me as a producer and DJ over the last few years – so there’s nods to the dancehall-influenced stuff that I focussed on with the ‘Champion EP’, there’s a couple of deeper tunes that follow on naturally from projects like the Conamara Field Words ambient/dub record I did on Khaliphonic last year, and there’s a couple of tracks that are explicitly influenced by Southern rap and hip-hop, which has been a pretty solid theme through a lot of my work.

How did the hook up between yourself and Paul Wall happen?

I’ve gotta give a massive shout out to the Gritsy crew in Houston for making this whole thing happen, and in particular Natascha Boland. I’d played in Houston a couple of times, and the first time I had a few extra days, so I pretty much demanded someone drove me out to the Screw Shop to pay homage to the Texas rap scene. Plus I made sure I finished my set off with a bunch of Houston rap classics, old and new. It seemed an obvious thing to do, but apparently it wasn’t too common for visiting UK DJs to really show the city love like that, so I think it made a bit of an impression. Anyway, I think my wide-eyed excitement at being in the H convinced them I was a genuine fan, and Natascha started hunting around to see if she could link me with some of the OG rappers. Turned out, she had gone to school with a guy who did a lot of graphics for Paul Wall, and once she convinced him that I was serious, he reached out to Paul, and we managed to find a way for me to be in Houston after a show in California. I booked a couple of hours at Bruce Bang’s studio and somehow it all came together.

It’s a pretty mad link-up – have you been a fan of his for some time?

Of course! Besides the obvious huge tunes he’s been involved in, from ‘Still Tippin’ to ‘Grillz’ to all the Swishahouse stuff, his tune with Chief Keef from last year, ‘Bust‘, is one of my favourite Houston tunes for a minute. Then you’ve got the verses on the Riff Raff ‘How To Be The Man’ remix, Young Dolph ‘Down South Hustlers’… The pedigree is beyond impeccable.

And yeah it’s a mad link – I wasn’t 100% sure it was actually going to go down until I pulled up to the studio and saw the candy red Chevys with 84s poking out. Still can’t quite believe it happened to be honest!

Stylistically he’s pretty different to the vocalists you’ve worked with previously, did you have to alter your production in any way to fit his flow?

I made the beat at the start of 2018, and I knew it would fit an American flow, ‘cos I was listening to a lot of Mike WiLL Made-It productions at the time – I really like the way he uses melodies and counter-melodies in his beats, so the original version that Paul Wall rapped on was a lot more melodic. But as it came time to mix it down, I couldn’t seem to get the impact and energy I needed to make it fit in one of my sets, so I ended up tearing my hair out trying to get it all to sit right. As always, ‘less is more’ was the eventual solution, and stripping the melodies back for a lot of the track ended up being the key to making it work.

What’s next for you?

Move to Texas, and spunk all my savings on an old-skool swanger with the candy-apple paint job and – of course – a wood grain wheel.

Listen to ‘All Cap’:

‘All Cap’ is out now via Critical Music – stream and purchase it here.

Premiere: Famous Eno contributes a stabbing rework of DJ Mellow’s ‘Run Dem’

Belgium’s Lowup Records today release ‘Run Dem’, which sees the link-up between France/Belgium-based DJ Mellow and UK-based Nigerian vocalist Magugu (who featured on a track with Rukus recently).

“‘Run Dem’ is about running things in a positive way,” the label says. “Spreading positive vibes and a feeling of brotherhood through the crowd. A grievance against the cold and grim world surrounding us. A live transmission from deep within the heart of darkness jungle.”

Swing Ting/Mixpak affiliate Famous Eno has stepped in for the rework – which we’re premiering below – offering up a cut laced with delicate jabs of bass that allows space for Magugu’s gruff tones.

It certainly doesn’t disappoint, showcasing the kind of driving, rhythmic sensibilities that’s made Famous Eno a producer so in demand.

DJ Mellow & Magugu’s ‘Run Dem’ is out today, 29th March 2019, on Lowup Records – purchase it here.

Premiere: Xao’s ‘Hydroxyapatite’ is haunted futurism for the club

Hailing originally from Leeds, Xao moved to London to study neuroscience but always had music in his blood – which led to him exploring the complex relationship between science and music.

While in London, he became a core part of the Astral Black family, and new LP ‘Eternal Care Unit’ sees Xao make his return to the label for eight chilling club tracks.

The LP’s name – a medical slang term for the morgue – is in keeping with his varied interests, and album cut ‘Hydroxyapatite’, which we’re premiering below, takes its name from a mineral found in bones.

A haunting club track with a skewed, lurching cello line, you can listen below:

‘Eternal Care Unit’ is released by Astral Black on April 5th 2019 – pre-order it here.

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Daniel Ness drops the dark-hearted ‘Notice Me’

French-Icelandic producer Daniel Ness has just shared the first single from his EP coming on Slugabed’s Activia Benz.

‘Notice Me’ revolves around Ness’s silky, pitch-bent vocals underpinned by dark, synth-driven production and aquatic samples.

Ness’s Merci Jitter label has been going from strength to strength, recently unveiling a compilation of future-facing electronics including artists like Epic B and Ytem, while last year it put out the exploratory ‘Merci Jitter, 2018‘ comp.

“People often think they know the ins and out of someone’s character, we all do it and very often there’s so much more complexity and duality to it than we think,” he says of the track, which is his first in two years. “‘Notice Me’, much like the majority of the EP, explores melancholy as a state and particularly the duality in my character. Sonically the song suggests this and it’s meant to underline the vulnerabilities I often hide or suppress.”

Listen now:

Pre-order Daniel Ness’s ‘Shy’ EP, which comes out April 5th 2019 via Activia Benz.

slowthai and SOPHIE feature on Flume’s ‘Hi This Is Flume’ mixtape

Sydney-born, LA-based Harley Streten, aka Flume, has just dropped a mixtape titled ‘Hi This Is Flume’.

Following up his 2016 ‘Skin’ album, the 38-minute mixtape is the 27-year-old producer’s first music since 2017.

The Grammy-winning Australian artist has tapped an enviable array of guests, from slowthai to JPEGMAFIA to SOPHIE, and features a remix of the latter’s ‘Is It Cold In The Water?’

Watch the accompanying visualiser, directed by friend and collaborator Jonathan Zawanda:

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Merci Jitter have put together this compilation of future-facing club music

London-based label Merci Jitter have compiled a new ‘Riddled Form’ record, drawing together ten artists from across the globe.

The release follows up last year’s ‘Merci Jitter, 2018′ drop, and pieces together some of the most exciting ideas from club music’s future.

Pinning artists like Brooklyn FDM artist Epic B alongside Berlin-via-Bulgaria’s Goro, Ytem and Ghost, the record mines confrontational sonics – tapping into the complexities, anxieties and emotions of our social media age.

Listen to ‘Riddled Form’ now:

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Premiere: Hear Deji Okeze’s disjointed rap construct ‘MF1’

London-based Deji Okeze isn’t your average artist. A producer, designer and songwriter, his music tells true tales of city life – buoyed up by one-of-a-kind, off-kilter instrumentals.

A cut of disjointed rap that’s swinging off its hinges, ‘MF1’ is taken from his forthcoming ‘SAD’ project, which boasts Sampha as a feature.

Watch him in the ‘MF1’ video – premiering exclusively below:

‘SAD’ will be released on March 22nd by Hundebiss Records – pre-order it here.

NULA’s future R&B jam ’60 Minutes’ was the result of an “outer-body experience”

NULA are a new future-facing R&B duo from New Cross, fronted by vocalist and songwriter Nadiah Adu-Gyamfi and production/writing partner Luke Osborne.

Backed by an almost future garage beat (throwback!), new cut ’60 Minutes’ was born from an “outer-body experience” in the studio, according to Adu-Gyamfi.

Sounding something like if Kelela met Submerse, you can check it out below.

Listen to an incredible mixtape of ’70s and ’80s edits of grime bars

A 34-minute mixtape of ’70s and ’80s reworks of old school grime bars has emerged, courtesy of illustrator and designer Mason London.

His ‘My Mixtape Is Dead’ repurposes audio clips from 2004’s Lord of the Decks 2, mashing up vocals from Jme, Wiley, Dizzee, Skepta, Ghetts, D Double E, President T and more with groove-filled instrumentals.

Mason London is Joe Prytherch, best known for his graphic illustrations that have provided cover art for a host of UK music recently, including Wiley’s ‘Boasty’, and used to work as Boiler Room’s in-house designer.

Listen now:

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