Dummy Mix 563 // DJ Nativesun

Washington D.C.-based DJ Nativesun takes inspiration from the musical diversity of the DMV (D.C, Maryland, Virginia) area he grew up in, as well as local DJ talent like Dee Clark, Underdog, Jahsonic and Sam ‘The Man” Burns. His sets bridge the gaps between the high-energy sounds from these areas, from East Coast club to techno to Afro-house.

A highly in-demand selector, Nativesun is an Afropunk regular and recently made his Boiler Room debut as well as supporting Jimmy Edgar and Machinedrum on their album tour and spinning at Bambii‘s JERK night in NYC (phew!)

DJ Nativesun’s own club-purposed edits are coveted and crop up all over the place, while his Dummy Mix boasts a wicked Jorja Smith re-rub as well as an ‘acid’ Solange refix, along with a quick-fire volley of gqom and brain-folding club constructs.

“This mix is basically my life right now,” DJ Nativesun says, “all over the place but flows and makes sense at the end of the day.” Plug in below.

Lava Dome – RIP SKRU
DJ Lag – Portland
DJ SWISHA x DIYR – IM SO HI (unreleased)
Emo Kid ft. Fawell – Ntathakusa
Kingdom & MikeQ – Chizel Cut
Leonce – Penetration Testing
HABIBIBOI – Brick Dance
Kingdom – Azuza
Jorja Smith – Be Honest (DJ Nativesun Edit)
quest?onmarc – Red Alert
8ULENTINA – House/Hotel
Travis Scott – Maria Im Drunk (Jaymie Silk Edition)
DJ Firmeza – Ardeu
Chris Brown – No Guidance ft. Drake (Capital Kaos Vogue Remix)
MoMa Ready – The Fade
Tony G – Mmm (MoMa Ready Remix)
Kush Jones – 303 STEP
Alma do acid – Anna & Her Toms (SWISHA rfx)
Solange – Jerrod (DJ Nativesun Acid refix)
Tre Oh Fie – Bring it back
Textasy – Shake your AZZ
AceMoma – Soul Deep Management

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

Dummy Mix 562 // Soundbwoy Killah

Though Soundbwoy Killah could hardly be described as a prolific artist, what few snapshots of his rave-ready, nostalgia-loaded sound we’d heard had us hooked. Following a handful of 12″s on Hundred Flowers and Sneaker Social Club, his debut album ‘Halcyon Daze’ is about to surface via the latter Bristolian label (hear ‘Pang’, which we premiered recently), a love letter to ’90s UKG/hardcore with the other foot in contemporary club culture.

Helming the latest in our mix series, Soundbwoy Killah hands in an all-guns-blazing hour, slotting rude garage cuts alongside ruffneck jungle, bubbling acid and Amen rollers which, tbqh, is exactly what we were hoping he’d turn in.

“This is a mix I recorded in my flat using a mixture of records and a DVS,” he says. “All the music in there has at some point made me dance around my living room or do a weird strut/boogie to the shops. It took me quite a few attempts to eventually get this final version… so you better enjoy it!”

Chavinsky – In The City
Instinct – Overthrow
Interplanetary Criminal – Maybe
Lexi Love – Dreams
Soundbwoy Killah – Ruptured
DJ Bogdan – Love Inna Basement (Morning Dub)
Interplanetary Criminal – Sensational (Breaka Remix)
Dubrunner – Cut The Midrange
Benny ILL – Sugar (Zed Bias Remix)
Soundbwoy Killah – Under The Influence
LMajor – Proxima B
Rave Crusader – Energy Overload (Acid Changes Mix)
Dead Man’s Chest X Sonic – Pum Flex
Escape – Escape (The Optical Mix)

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

Soundbwoy Killah’s ‘Halcyon Daze’ is out August 23rd via Sneaker Social Club. Pre-order it here.

Dummy Mix 561 // Banshee

Banshee remains something of a mystery in the UK club music landscape. Having bubbled up through the Internet for his sliced-up R&B-meets post-dubstep-sounds (we once described his remix of Sully’s ‘Concord’ ‘like he met Enya on a comedown and they’re sailing down a lazy river’), he found a guest slot on Zombys ‘Ultra’ album and, in turn, Zomby remixed his ‘High Let Me Fly’.

He’s been away for a minute since then, but recently dipped his head above water, dropping a four-tracked EP ‘Thought Bubbles’ via Goon Club Allstars (a fitting home for his cross-pollinated sounds), which repurposes vocal snippets rooted out during deep YouTube wormholes.

Banshee’s Dummy Mix is as nebulous as his own elusive presence. Slotting UK drill beats next to Mariah Carey, interspersed by the roaring sounds of the ocean, it’s a sweet, smooth ride through some left-of-centre sounds, much like a YouTube dive you might make. Press play below, and find the tracklist after the jump.

HU? – UV Faktor 5
James Ferraro – Thrash & Escalate (Demo)
Emgee – Do Now
Rhythm For Reasons – The Smokers Rhythm (DJ SS Remix)
Potential Bad Boy – Bring Your Body
DJ Nate – Get Rid Of Em
BKay x Bruskiii Ky – Vengeance Instrumental
JM00 – Mish And Mash Instrumental
Jamma Beats x Rizly Beats – Reinforced Instrumental
AXL Beats – Max Pain Instrumental
Mariah Carey – Breakdown
Robert Hood – Desire
Donna Dee – Lonely
Dil-Don’t – Stripe Summer
D.E.A. Project – Through The Rain (4×4 Mix)
Young Malcolm – Bussin Instrumental
Swift x Bigz – Chingings
AXL Beats – Red Dead Instrumental
Actress – There’s An Angel In The Shower
‘Til Tuesday – Voices Carry

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

Banshee’s ‘Thought Bubbles’ EP is out now via Goon Club Allstars – buy/stream it here. He plays an EP release party at Grow Tottenham on 20th September.

Dummy Mix 560 // Mind Of A Dragon

Garage is one of those sounds that’ll retain an undeniable presence within the canon of dance music in the UK. In the current manifestation of the genre, Mind Of A Dragon is making some serious moves.

Tipped by Conducta in our artists to watch in 2019 feature as “a diverse producer who weaves through the sounds of UK garage and beyond but maintains his distinctive sound,” earlier this year he dropped ‘Wheel Up‘ on the former’s Kiwi Records imprint, following it up with a sensational 100% production mix, while he also teamed up with Capo Lee for the darkly danceable ‘Sun Goes Down‘.

His Dummy Mix, overwhelmingly stuffed with his own gold-standard productions plus some Sweet Female Attitude and Stormzy dubs, represents some of the finest UKG on offer right now. “With this mix I wanted to include not only exclusives from myself, but also some of my favourite tunes of the moment from a selection of amazing producers also creating UK garage,” Mind Of A Dragon says. “The diversity and number of active producers really showcases the strength of the genre in 2019.”

So sling on the Moschino, crack open the champers, and press play below.

Mind Of A Dragon x Jack Junior – Wot U Need
Mind Of A Dragon – All Alone
Mind Of A Dragon – Q.L.F
Smokey Bubblin B – Better Run
Mind Of A Dragon – Crown Dub
Karma Fields – Feel Real (Kastle Remix)
Soundboy Cookie – My Production
Mind Of A Dragon – Flowers dub
Tuff Culture – Cosmos
Prescribe Da Vibe – Clearer Now
Soundboy Cookie – Untitled
Might – Power
Smokey Bubblin B – How Deep
Mind Of A Dragon – Leave Dat Trap Dub
Mind Of A Dragon – Complications
Mind Of A Dragon – Beggin Me
Kastle x Mind Of A Dragon – See U Down
DJ Q x Mind Of A Dragon – I Need
Mind Of A Dragon – Right By Me
Mind Of A Dragon – Never Find
Mind Of A Dragon – Luv We Had

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

Dummy Mix 559 // Kittin

It’s not often that an artist goes back to a former moniker but Miss Kittin, initially known as Kittin, had a good reason for reclaiming her name. Originally releasing under the name Kittin over 20 years ago, promoters would add the prefix ‘Miss’ without her consent, eventually leading to the name sticking.

The French electroclash pioneer has enjoyed a long, illustrious career, collaborating with The Hacker in the mid-’90s to produce a series of outings that channeled the spirit of Detroit electro and electro-pop. But she’s kept up the level of activity – last year’s ‘Cosmos’ album as Kittin saw her diving headfirst into organic, leftfield electronics across twelve tracks – a concept album that asked: ‘Who are we, why are we here, where are we going?’

Her Dummy Mix is a showcase of the hyper-skilled mixing talents that have kept her at the top of her game for decades. “The mix contains recent tracks covering that range of experimentations I particularly like, from electro to techno, via broken beats,” she says. “Mixing at home being an opportunity to play what I really like with no dancefloor diktat, it happens here to be young artists from the underground scene I admire very much.”

Tune in now.

Mono Junk – You’re Mine Tonight
Yak – Lucid Nightmare
Apothicaire – Path ft. Unbalance
Tin Man – Flutter
Cozmogiant – Obsession
Tafkamp – When Desires Turn Evil
Earwax – Hardship
Robag Wruhme – Maiowu
André Bratten – Ranx
The Exaltics – The Others
Fred Ventura – Technologies (Alessandro Adriani Remix)
Low Tape – East Dancer
Mike Devious – Acid Drops
No Moon – aoe_advancing

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

Dummy Mix 558 // Scratcha DVA

Recently re-dubbing himself as Scratchclart, Scratcha DVA has never been wont to stick to one path. The rave eccentric and Hyperdub affiliate has over the course of his career explored the murky depths of grime, UK funky and gqom. 2019 has already been a prolific year for him – firing out almost one release per month, he’s showing no signs of slowing down.

His latest is a collaboration with producer and vocalist KG, aka Karen Nyame, mining some UK funky-meets-gqom flavour (or as he recently tweeted: “UK Funky + Gqom = UK Gqom. Qwik maths”). ‘Touch’, out via Hyperdub this Friday, comes hot on the heels of his collaboration with Lady Lykez, for their ‘Muhammad Ali’ EP released back in May, while Scratcha also recently dropped the ‘DRMTRK EP VII‘, an angular four-piece of gqom at its most deviant.

In the same vein of the EP, Scratcha’s Dummy Mix smashes together some of the best of gqom and UK funky known to man, from DJ Lag to the allusive SingleWhiteFemale project who he’s previously collaborated with (could it be Scratcha himself?), and it’s a ride full of breathless drops and uptempo wickedness. Strap in below.

SingleWhiteFemale – Air Bubble
JBS x Nonku Phiri – The Siren’s Call VIP
Leonce – Vesper
Nan Kolè x Hagan – Horizon
Kenphonik – Sunday Showers
Wallwork – Panther
KG x Scratchclart – Strings Of Death
Hagan – Ghana Step
Bamz – Raining Season [Vocal Dub Edit]
Sinj x Zor – ???
NKC – Soft UK Gqom
DJ Lag x Okzharp – Now What?
Yotam Avni – Coke Bouquet
Mafia Boyz – ???
Hagan – Right Here
Logan Olm x J Beatz – Wickid & Wile Dub
Jack Dat & Jammz – French Montana
Scratchclart x Griffit Vigo – Goosebumps
Griffit Vigo – Rehab Sounds
KG x Scratchclart – Touch (Reprise)
Ikonika x DJ Lag – 222
Shola Ama – Forget
Scratchclart – Reload Ayers
Lady Lykez ft. Lioness – Muhammad Ali (Remix)
DJ Gregory – Don’t Panic (Tiger Stripes Remix)
JBS – A Song About Birds

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

KG & Scratchclart’s ‘Touch’ is released this Friday 12th July via Hyperdub – stream the lead track here.

Dummy Mix 557 // BABii

Something has been stirring in Margate for sometime now. The once-dishevelled seaside town has been attracting musicians and creative Londoners for a while, but it’s also home to a “small girl who makes big noises,” aka sharply rising pop artist BABii.

Immediately grabbing our attention with debut singles ‘Phantom’ and ‘SEiiZURE‘, BABii was championed early on by Iglooghost, and the lowercase ‘i’-loving artist has already drawn comparisons with Grimes, Purity Ring and FKA Twigs for her oddball, off-kilter soundscapes. Now signed to Deathwaltz Originals, her forthcoming debut LP ‘HiiDE’ (out this Friday) has been co-produced by Adrian Sherwood – and BABii has been building up to this, more recently dropping the sugary, ice-cold ‘POiiSON’ (which came with a Catnapp remix).

The mix features her own childhood self on the mix, as BABii explains: “ii FOUND AN OLD TAPE FROM WHEN ii WAS A KiiD OF ME AND MY LiiL SiiS RECORDiiNG A PRETEND RADiiO SHOW AND ii THOUGHT iiT WOULD BE CUTE TO USE THEM iiN THE MiiX.”

An off-kilter blend of wonky late ’00s rap, Britney-esque pop and featuring tracks from fellow Dummy Mix helmers Howie Lee and PC Music’s umru, you should definitely tune in below.

MSSINGNO – Xe2 (Samuel Remix)
Adi – China
Zora Jones – Scarlett
Yummy Bingham – Come Get It / Kai Whiston – Mushy Seize
Slayyyter – Candy
umru x BABii – Hunted
XXX – Liquor
Rosalía – Malemente
Lil Mo – 4ever / Howie Lee – Cloud Lamps
Twinz Track – Real
Catnapp – I Dont Care (BABii REMiiX)
Sleigh Bells – Kids
Banshee – High Let Me Fly (Warpstr Remix)
Iglooghost – Mei Mode
Rustie – Peace Upzzz / BABii – SNAKE

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

Dummy Mix 556 // Wilted Woman

Born in NYC and now based in Berlin, Wilted Woman distills the DIY ethos of both cities into her own musical work. Favouring glitchy analogue sounds and electro-techno stacked with wonky synths, she’s been a prolific cassette releaser, releasing via a variety of underground labels with the same DIY spirit as herself.

Fresh from a collaborative tape with Nick Klein, she recently dropped ‘Lon Lon Night Vision‘ on Erol Alkan’s Phantasy Sound – her debut on the label and something of a curveball for them, with the excellent rhythmic two-tracker scoring a remix from fellow electronic outsider Laurel Halo on the flip.

Winding through some ambient soundscapes, jittery electronic workouts, screechy noise and even gangsta folk, her Dummy Mix is an unpredictable 45 minutes of hyper-modern club workouts. “About the mix… not too much to say about it…” she says enigmatically, “dark music for warm weather?”

Dive in below.

christina kubisch – circles iii
michele mercure – the sky is falling
3rd wave – new body
underwear – 14 minute side
young male – into the night
rip me – exhale, exfoliate
frank hurricane – i love tha rain
black chow – wonderland
carlos giffoni & prurient – returning rains
g.i.s.m. – death exclamations
secret boyfriend – cool air
tzusing – torque pulsations
dj richard – gargoyle
toe ring – why am i so alone in this world
mark – “… careful development without haste.”
hermann kopp – kannibalenkuss

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

Delve into the Dummy Mix archive.

Dummy Mix 555 // Miley Serious

Boasting a DJ name that we can all get behind, Paris-based Miley Serious is a woman of a multitude of talents. Label head of 99cts Records and a host on Rinse France, she also throws regular parties at Parisian club La Java as well as other hotspots in the French capital.

Miley’s musical universe is varied: her sets can weave through acid house, ghetto house, industrial and electronic, and her Dummy Mix is no different. Veering through snarling fragments of techno, dusty breaks and sprightly, pointillist beats, it’s a darkly fun ride. “It feels like a long time since I did something with a lot of textures like that,” Miley says, adding: “feels good though.”

“That’s my favourite type of sound – lofi,” she continues, “It’s full of new and unreleased stuff from my favourite labels: TRAM Planet, BRKN, low income $quad.”

Soren Roi – Laced Wing Larvae
Neil Landstrumm – Stretch Copenhagen
LKS & Tissu – Bim (Unreleased)
Isabella – Funambulist
Zeno Amsel – Salon Oui
De Bons En Pierre – No Cure For Cancer
Black Seed – Randomize
Stratton – Coming
Raw Takes – DJ Ass
J Zbel – Diablo Verde Part II
LKS & Tissu – On Était Au Stade (Unreleased)
Isabella – Insured Potency
Richard Holhburn – Say Something Stupid
Sina – Rêves Industriels (Bobigny Mix)

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

Dummy Mix 554 // Coco Bryce

Dutch DJ, producer and Myor label head Coco Bryce recently handed in a masterpiece of an album with ‘Night On Earth’, comprising eight cuts of classy AF jungle that doesn’t mean ‘revival’ in a pejorative sense. Toeing the line between chill and hype is some skill, but Bryce manages it with aplomb on the album, providing a manual that all jungle producers worth their salt should have a leaf through.

Having DJed since 1995, Coco Bryce has been firmly in the hardcore, breakbeat, D&B, gabber and jungle world for some time, and his Dummy Mix certainly mines those zones but is “a bit different from what I usually play,” he told us. “Normally most of my DJ sets and mixes are around 160bpm, mainly jungle, lots of new releases blended with a solid dose of 94/95 stuff… for this one, though, I went and picked some of my personal 1992 favourites, with a couple of newer bits thrown in for good measure (including an as-of-yet unreleased one by myself which I made just a couple of weeks ago).

“Even though I don’t play these tunes out all that much, it’s hands down one of my favourite eras, especially when it comes to breakbeat hardcore. It’s just before the split between jungle and (happy) hardcore: the drums aren’t super choppy yet, but you can already kinda hear where things were headed, yet it still has that rave-y feel to it, without sounding corny or being too bouncy, you know… I just love how spontaneous those tunes sound.”

Tune in to Coco Bryce’s bone-rattling, ’92-centred Dummy Mix now:

Existence – In My Dreams
2 Bad Mice – No Respect
Desired State – Duckin And Divin
Vanilla Essence – Vanilla Essence
Coco Bryce – Your Touch
Nookie – Give A Little Love (Not Enough Love Mix)
D Major – Sonata No 2
Skeleton Krew – Luv Ta Luv Ya
Dead Man’s Chest & Sonic – Pum Flex
Ramski – Dream Of Horns (Mix 1)
Spiral Tribe – Ragga Boom
Coco Bryce – Runnin
On 1 Crew – Bad Dreams
Coco Bryce – Love Flows
The Sorcerer – Mind Scratcher

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

Purchase ‘Night On Earth’ via Bandcamp here and pre-order his forthcoming split 10″ with Sonar’s Ghost on 7th Storey Projects here.

Dummy Mix 553 // Goro

Bulgaria-born, Berlin-based Goro is a producer who eyes club music on a global scale. He makes music with the ethos of ‘counterbalancing westernisation with easternisation’ (according to his Soundcloud bio), channeling his Balkan heritage through his eclectic, explosive sound.

Having recently appeared on Merci Jitter’s ‘Riddled Form‘ compilation, Goro is gearing up to release his debut album next month – ‘Unbound Forever’, a document that draws inspiration from far-flung and as-yet-undiscovered genres including Romanian “Instrumentala Criminala”, older forms of Turkish Bubbling and classical Bulgarian-Roma Kiuchek.

A no-holds-barred blend of Eastern dance slotted next to Goro’s flips of the Ying Yang Twins and Bollywood tracks, Goro’s Dummy Mix is an essential listen. “The mix was fun to do!” Goro says. “I threw in a varied selection of the most typical tracks that I usually play from me and my friends, as well as some undiscovered Balkan gold.

“I am also premiering here for the first time a good number of the now-mastered tracks from my album 🙂 Btw you can hear Daniel [Dummy’s New Music Editor]’s voice message when I asked him to change the cover photo (as he was boarding a flight) as the first thing in the intro hahaha.”

Toni Storaro ft. Memo Style – Bate Tarikate (Despacito Tallava)
Goro – Shining Eyes (ft. Sattva)
edmx – r100 (uday rmx)
Goro – Dai Mi Parite
Ying Yang Twins vs. David Banner – Never Enough (Goro Blend)
Alka Yagnik & Ila Arun – Choli ke Peche (Goro edit)
Goro ft. Ytem – Roadrunner Club Version
Darabouka Majnonna – Doom Taak
DJ JM – Girl Calls a Cab
Goro – This is a Moment in the Matrix
Epic B & SIM – Ransom
Nar – Jujeh
Omar Souleyman – Edamat (Modeselektor Edit)
Goro – Killa Riddim (The Bug vs. Rootsman ft. He-Man – Killer edit)
Travis Scott – Piss On Your Grave (ft. Kanye West)
Alfred English – District of Misery
DJ Plead – BMW Aswad
DJ Kantik – RA (Bass Boosted)
Goro – Make a Wish
Fatima Al Qadiri & Naygow – Galbi
Born in Flamez – Talking to the White Noise (Quest?onmark remix)
Goro – Raw Feelin
Johnny Fiasco – Groove on (KiNK’s Vocal Mix)
Galtier – Jewel
Young Thug – Audemar (ft. Tracy T)
Goro x Faithless – HARCORE INSOMNIA
Goro, Evar & Catnapp – What U Got There
Lenny Dee – The Dreamer (Goro’s Slow Down)
Goro – European Union (ft. Moesha 13)
Ivan Tride & Piqnbibiqn – Hubava e Mamo, Ama e Influencer

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

Goro’s debut album, ‘Unbound Forever’, comes out on June 25th 2019.

Photo credit: Eily Thams

Dummy Mix 552 // Konx-Om-Pax

Konx-Om-Pax’s first LP in three years, ‘Ways Of Seeing‘ is a refreshing switch-up of sounds. Having recently upped sticks from Glasgow to Berlin, Tom Schofield’s album is almost a reaction against the dark, gritty noise emanating from the German capital – opting instead for warm electronica, recalling fellow Glaswegians Rustie and Hudson Mohawke (and first cut ‘LA Melody’ came from staying with Ross Birchard in LA).

The multimedia artist is returning to Planet Mu for the technicolour album, which is being billed as “a panacea to the darkness and disorientation all around in 2019,” and takes in more accessible sounds taken from trap, techno and hip-hop.

That said, Konx-Om-Pax’s Dummy Mix has both eyes firmly on the rave. A punishing hour-and-20 that slots bleeding-edge dancefloor freshness next to classic anthems, his mix tessellates fragments of techno next to stomping warehouse sounds. Opening with his Nightwave collaboration, ‘I’m For Real’, from the album, it quickly delves into both confrontational and euphoric soundscapes before crashing into some breakbeat madness towards the end.

Konx-om-Pax – I’m For Real (ft. Nightwave)
David Goldberg – EMO Serialism
Skee Mask – Muk FM
Chevel – Harsh Times (Happa Remix)
Special Request – SP4NN3R3D
Clouds – Fantazia 2003
Skee Mask – Trakheadz
Barker – Cascade Effect
HATE – Cunning Love
Ratio – One Step Beyond
Prodigy – Everybody in the Place
Overmono – Quadraluv
тпсб – Are You Still Hurt
Text Chunk – Winter Dope
Sully – Digitalis
Hamilton Scalpel – Uprated Nite Zone PM
Istari Lasterfahrer – Extasy

Listen to the mix on Soundcloud.

Konx-Om-Pax’s ‘Ways Of Seeing’ album is out June 14th 2019 via Planet Mu.