The best Boiler Rooms

One year-old today, Boiler Room is, according to them, “London’s seminal Ustream show, broadcasted every Tuesday from a warehouse in London.” Describing some guys playing tunes on uStream while we milled around some dank place drinking rum and ginger as “seminal” felt like a bit of a stretch at first. But as months wore on, it became clear that there was no-one, but no-one, doing more to pull together the disparate, gaseous groundswell of artists making tracks that operate around bass frequencies and the remnants of pirate-radio music, at least no-one that let you bring your own Red Stripe.

The list of sessions reads like a pretty definitive list of whatever we call this music we can’t call post-dubstep, from stars like James Blake and Mount Kimbie to the DJ’s DJs like Oneman and Ben UFO, those integral to but slightly outside the scene like Theo Parrish and DJ Rashad. Tonight is their first birthday show, in which Mount Kimbie, Jackmaster, Ben UFO and Oneman will all make an appearance. Anyway, we asked you to tell us your favourite session – the results are below.

  1. Ben UFO
  2. Boddika
  3. Oneman
  4. Jam City
  5. Mount Kimbie
  6. Addison Groove
  7. Sampha + Jessie Ware
  8. Jamie XX
  9. James Blake
  10. Jacques Greene
  11. DJ Rashad
  12. Deadboy

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