The 10 tracks that inspired Nico Lindsay and Wallwork’s ‘Facts / Fyah’

Producer Wallwork and rapper Nico Lindsay cemented just how good a collaborative duo they make with their bubbling two-track offering released on Bristol label Black Acre last week. Entitled 'Facts / Fyah', the compact release hits all the right spots, with Nico Lindsay (AKA Codename Lin, AKA Lindsay Go Ham…) riding over the crest of Wallwork's stripped back, drum workout waves for a club-quenching collision of styles on Facts, before switching to UK funky leaning jam Fyah on the flip side.

Yep, it may well only be Thursday, but a quick blast of these two tracks and you'll be quickly transported to the weekend.

Following on from the release last week, we got the producer and vocalist duo to share some of the inspirations on the final output – which ranges from bubbling Dutch house all the way to Slum Village's "orange juice smooth" late night creep track Climax.

Read Nico Lindsay and Wallwork's inspirations on 'Fact / Fyah' below and feast your ears on our YouTube playlist.

DJ Chuckie Caribbean Drums

Wallwork: "A classic Dutch bubbling track by DJ Chuckie, which is a really good example of the sound."

DVA Step 2 Funk

Wallwork: "This DVA track is six years old but still sounds super fresh and current."

DJ Lag Ithuna (Grave Yard)

Wallwork: "DJ Lag is one of the most influential gqom producers from Durban, and lots of people in London are making gqom sounding tracks at the moment."

Neana Bow Kat

Wallwork: "Nobody really does drums as well as Neana. In Bow Kat, he brings Masters At Work vibes back in to the 21st century."

Instra:mental Thomp

Wallwork: "Thomp is one of my favourite tracks from 2011. I also dropped this in my first Boiler Room set."

Trim I'm Asleep 

Nico Lindsay:"“Look I ain't hiding or seeking, lowkey when I'm creeping, I ain't but they think I'm sleeping, I'm like safe… neutral feelings but when I awake someone better move the ceiling" This one has been a personal favourite since I was in college sweating over deadlines."

Nas I Gave You Power 

Nico Lindsay: "The personification in this tune from the Queensbridge rapper is amazing."

MF Doom feat. Mr. Fantastik Rapp Snitch Knishes 

Nico Lindsay: "This is so chill, but oh so real."

Slum Village Climax

Nico Lindsay: "Audio orange juice (no bits) — too smooth!!!"

EL-B Amazon 

Nico Lindsay: "This beat is just crazy, plus I wrote the first 16 bar in Facts to this beat."

'Facts / Fyah' is out now on Black Acre.

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