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The 10 Best Trip-Hop Records, according to Pig&Dan

"Haunting spooky goodness at its very best..."

Since first crossing paths on a flight to Spain in 1999, dance music globe-trotters Pig&Dan have gone on to achieve big things. Back then, Dan was touring the world as a resident DJ at Ministry of Sound, while Igor was deep in the world of illegal underground raves, producing music under the alias Tropic 39. With strong formative years in music under both their belts, it’s no surprise that the techno duo have gone on to release on labels such as Soma, Plus8, Terminal M, Bedrock and more recently Drumcode.

Restless in their commitment to push the envelope creatively, the duo’s tastemaker qualities are firmly on display across their latest album ‘Destination Unknown 2’, alongside their long-standing love affair with dub, reggae, roots and trip-hop. Galvanised by sublime vocals and exquisite production values, the album’s sonic tapestry is capable of soothing, exciting and invigorating in equal measure. With the release of their project happening earlier this month, Dummy caught up with the long-standing duo who dug deep into their record collection to unveil their top ten trip-hop records of all time.

1. Funki Porcini – ‘Long Road’

“For me the absolute holy grail in this field. A timeless anthem that was created back in ’95 when this was a very much unexplored territory! This was the track that made me fall deeply involve with this whole sound. Funki Porcini being one of the innovators and creators of what was to become a global movement of crossover chilled grooves. A trip-hop fusion between hip-hop backing tracks that had a trippy edge.”

2. A Forest Mighty Black – ‘Rebirth’

“For me this is what trip-hop should be. This is one of the best anthems of all time because it’s not about the bpm but more the rawness and groove it possesses. Super sick!”

3. Boozoo Bajou – ‘YMA’

“Such a sick groove by one of the scene’s gurus “Boozoo Bajou”. This track brings a far more sexy refined edge, featuring bells that flow throughout and jazzy licks that serenade the overall deepness.”

4. Etienne De Crecy – ‘Soldissimo’ EDC Remix (with Air)

“Air are such pioneers when it comes to pushing the boundaries of the genre and this song so gets under our skin. Just the dirt and that vocal…you just can’t wait to hear over and over again.”

5. Etienne De Crecy – ‘Affaires a faire’ (with La Chatte Rouge)

“The true sound of what lo-fi is all about.”

6. Groove Armada – ‘Edge Hill’

“Groove Armada just know where it’s at and this is a stunning example of their skills…”

7. DJ Shadow – ‘In/Flux’

“DJ Shadow or as we call him “the godfather of trip-hop” brings lush grooves with dirty hip hop vibes all wrapped up in a sonic orgy.”

8. Mark Farina – ‘Schooled In The Trade’

“Mark was always the lord of the faster edged trip-hop grooves with his Mushroom Jazz becoming adored globally. This track always hits the spot, it has that old-school hip-hop flare.”

9. Yonderboi – ‘Fairy of the Lake’

“Haunting spooky goodness at its very best.”

10. The Irresistible Force – ‘Nepalese Bliss’ (DJ Food Remix)

“Old but gold, this is shows that it’s not all about samples but played improvisation as well. Musicians who took trip-hop sounds to a new level.”

Stream ‘Destination Unknown 2’ below:

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