The 10 best sets at fabric, according to Eats Everything

Dave Angel – At fabric in February 2001
It was one of the first times I’d been to fabric, whilst the club was still at the start of its life – it blew me away.
Carl Cox – In 2002.
Carl is one of my personal heroes, and he was in his element – it was the first time I’d heard Blubba Boy – 50000 Watts!
Xpress 2 – At fabric’s March 2002 World DJ Day
It still stands out in my mind. Craig (Richards) was also mint that day.
Jamie Jones Live – 2009
Played a live set in 2009 where he used a mic, sung into it and played it back.
Claude Vonstroke – 2009
He dropped my remix of the iconic Adam F’s ‘Circles’ at 7am, when I was still at the start of my career, that was incredible.
Craig Richards – 2015
I remember his set, he played right before me in Room 1 back in June 2015. There was no break in the rhythm, just constant beat and grooves throughout.
Tom Trago – Live in May 2013
It was the first Edible party we did in Room 2 and he smashed it.
Terry Francis – 2014
Back in 2014, warming up Room 2 –  the room is built for techno and Terry plays the perfect warm up sets in there.
Mathew Jonson – Live at fabric’s 10th birthday back in 2009
There was a huge line-up that night, but Mathew’s set is the one that still stands out in my mind.
Zip at Fabric's 14th Birthday in 2013
 – the night was incredible, he never fails to play amazing records.

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