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The 10 Best Euphoric/Ethereal DnB anthems, according to 1991

"It takes you to another place deep in the ether..."

London based DJ and producer 1991 has emerged as one of the most exciting and distinctive artists in UK dance music. Since winning the Best Newcomer award at the 2017 Drum & Bass Awards, he has held down a steady release schedule of hits, collaborating with giants from the scene like Sub Focus and Netsky and remixing Chase & Status, Chris Lake and Camo & Krooked.

In July, his 12-track debut album ‘Odyssey’ dropped via his own eponymous label, solidifying his position as an influential taste-making force in the rave landscape. As a master of euphoric and ethereal drum ‘n’ bass productions, we thought it was fitting to ask the man himself about his favourite tracks helming a similar sound.

1. Sub Focus – ‘Follow The Light’

“I got into drum ‘n’  bass in my late teens, at the time Sub Focus was rising through to the forefront of the genre and I absolutely fell in love with his first album when it came out. This track is a perfect example of how he has this ability to absolutely propel you into outer space with his music.”

2. Culture Shock – ‘There For You’

“One of those ones where you want to put your arms around your mates in the rave and tell them you love them, this one truly gives you that warm fuzzy feeling that everything’s going to be okay. This one’s a bit of a departure from the harder hitting Culture Shock that we all know and love, which for me gives it even more gravitas.”

3. Chase & Status – ‘Blind Faith’ (Loadstar remix)

“It’s safe to say this is one of my absolute favourite drum ‘n’ bass tracks, its impossible to listen to this and not get transported to a warehouse rave full of good vibes. The original song is obviously anthemic but I think what Loadstar did here is nothing short of genius and really did it more than justice.”

4. Wilkinson – ‘Close Your Eyes’

“On a more recent tip, taken from Wilkinson’s latest album is this absolute slice of gorgeousness. That vocal from iiola is a perfect example of how subtlety and restrain can be so powerful, and the instrumental from Wilkinson really sets the tone of otherworldliness.”

5. High Contrast – ‘Remind Me’

“The absolute king of cinematic drum ‘n’ bass, High Contrast always knows how to paint a picture with his music. There’s something about the disparity of the super uplifting musicality paired with the heart break lyrics of Aretha Franklin that really touches the soul. Proper hands in the air festival singalong vibes on this one, maybe even some happy tears.”

6. Cyantific & Matrix – ‘Cover Story’

“Im not sure I can name another drum ‘n’ bass song that has such an iconic string section lead, proper ear worm. I love the filter house vibe to this, retro soul samples and groovy bass line. This one is a real endorphin tickler.”

7. London Electricity – ‘Just One Second’ (Apex Remix)

“The original of this is already amazing on it’s own but then the Apex remix really elevates things to another realm, that subtle stab sub bass line is so warm and satisfying. The atmosphere created with the airy synth pads gives you that feeling of flying through the clouds and into space.”

8. Chase & Status – ‘Take Me Away’

“Another one from around the time of when I was getting into the genre, that first Chase & Status album ‘More Than Alot’ is just iconic. This track literally does what it says on the tin, it takes you to another place deep in the ether. There’s something so airy and floaty about this one that makes you feel like you’re absolutely soaring when you listen to it.”

9. Krakota – ‘Take Me There’

“The perfect example of how less is more: an undulating bass line, sparkly arpeggio, catchy one-line vocal sample, classic amen break-y drums – the result is something modestly beautiful.”

10. 1991 – ‘Feels’

“Would be rude to not chuck in something from my album considering a lot of what I do is on an ethereal/euphoric tip. I think this one speaks for itself to be honest, if you want to hear more of this type of thing then check out my debut album ‘ODYSSEY’ which is out now.”

Stream ‘Odyssey’ below:

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