The 10 best electronic tracks, according to Bill Kouligas

Founded in 2008, electronic experimental sound art label PAN is run by Bill Kouligas. Based in Berlin, the impressive label has released works for an array of incredible acts such as Heatsick, Eli Kelszer, Helm and Ben Vida. Not only is PAN famous for it’s sounds but also it’s attention to aesthetics with part of it’s success stemming from its beautiful artwork.

Bill Kouligas will be doing a live set at Bold Tendencies in London’s Peckham alongside many other talented artists on the 18th August.

In anticipation of upcoming night we asked Bill Kouligas to share his top 10 electronic records. Check them out.

I just tried to be honest and put some of the tracks that heavily influenced my music so far, and also still think they’re somehow eternal… I spread it equally to experimental music (where my background is from) to electronic and dance music.

  1. Hanne Darboven – Requiem (1941-2009)
  2. New Order – Confusion Dub (1987)
  3. Anestis Logothetis – Fantasmata (1960)
  4. Various Artists – No. 3 (Debit) (1997)
  5. Maryanne Amacher – Synaptic Island (1999)
  6. Ø – Atomit (1993)
  7. Jacques Lejeune – Final à la cour du prince (1975)
  8. Drexciya – Aquarazorda (1994)
  9. Wolf Eyes – Half Animal, Half Insane (2001)
  10. Theo Parrish – Falling up (Carl Craig Remix) (2005)
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