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The 10 Best Black Female Artists In Dance Music, according to Aluna

"Gentle on the ears, but spicy on the rhythms..."

Originally cutting her teeth in the industry as one half of the multi-Brit, MOBO and Billboard Music Award nominated electronic duo AlunaGeorge, US-based singer-songwriter Aluna Francis is now carving out her own path as a solo artist following the release of her debut album ‘Renaissance’ back in 2020.

As someone who grew up as a black girl in an all-white English suburb, Aluna is focused on removing the boundaries people face in music – and life in general – because of their culture, race or gender. Currently launching a festival called Noir Fever in New Orleans, which features an all-Black artist line up to raise awareness for black female representation in the industry, we sat down with Aluna to talk through her favourite Black female artists in dance music right now, as well as their best tracks to date.

1. Aluna & Jayda G – ‘Mine O’Mine’

“This collaboration with producer and vocalist Jayda G and myself is a product of our mutual adoration for each other. As black women making the change we want to see for ourselves and our sisters, we can’t do it without being soft and gentle with each other, laughing away the hard times and cheers-ing to the future of getting what’s ours – this is our anthem for that.”

2. Sherelle – ‘Jungle Teknah’

“This slice of high energy drum ‘n’ bass is a subtly undulating rave journey with amazing dynamics that make you want to keep finding new moves and lower levels to burn your knees with.”

3. Pink Pantheress – ‘Break It Off’

“Gentle on the ears, but spicy on the rhythms, Pink Pantheress serves a dreamy drum ‘n’ bass wind down track that is both sweet and addictively energetic.”

4. Sho Madjozi – ‘Huku’

“I adore this smooth driving track from the incredible South African rapper best known for her breakthrough track ‘John Cena’.”

5. UNiiQU3 – ‘Stand Back’

“The drama in this Jersey club thumper is everything I need as an entrance song, one of my favourite serves from the Queen of Jersey Club, UNiiQU3, who is taking the world by storm with a beautiful message.”

6. TSHA – ‘BOYS’

“The latest drop from infinitely talented producer TSHA is one of the harder tracks she’s put out, still with her signature intricate and delicately woven sound design, but living in a nice thumping bed of subs.”

7. Nia Archives – ‘Forbidden Feelingz’

“A moody, dark and sensual drum ‘n’ bass anthem from an artist already legendary at a young age, doing both production and vocals in equal perfection – this track is completely transporting.”

8. TT the Artist – ‘Heat’

“Starting with a full anthem-like vocal from Jersey club pioneer, rapper and producer TT the Artist that makes you feel strong as black woman. We then get taken on a hypnotising tech house journey into the fire.”

9. Kaleena Zanders – ‘Resurrected’

“One of the most powerful and versatile vocal artists in dance music right now, Kaleena blows away the cob webs with this industrial sounding house track that is guaranteed to make you sweat.”

10. Shygirl – ‘Cleo’

“The high class, delicately crafted sound design gives this 90’s tinged club thumper a glamorous feel – and Shygirl is never not glamorous.”

Stream Aluna’s latest single ‘Mine O’Mine’ below:

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