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The 10 Best 90’s Dub Mixes, according to Theo Kottis

"This one does some damage in the club..."

For Scottish DJ and producer Theo Kottis, dub mixes from the 1990s have made their way into his energetic live sets time and time again over the years. Since becoming fascinated with electronic music at the age 14, Kottis has gone on to become one of the UK’s most promising selectors, securing residencies at Edinburgh’s FYI Club and Glasgow’s Sub Club with his expansive brand of melodic techno, as well as becoming a mainstay on some of the country’s biggest radio stations. Following the release of his latest track – a remix of Joe Goddard and Valentina’s ‘Gabriel’ – we sat down with the Scottish producer to dust off some of his favourite 90’s dubs.

1. Aaron Smith featuring D’Bora – ‘Going Round’ (MK’s Dub)

“An MK classic, one of the best to remix tracks in the 90’s. I remember playing this in 2013 supporting San Soda, in the early days of my career and being particularly pleased when he asked for the track ID!”

2. House “E” Delic – ‘The Singing Saw’ (Club 69 Organ Dub)

“For me, it’s the beautiful pads and when those high hats kick. I would love to play this at sunrise.”

3. Madonna – ‘Erotica’ (Bass Hit Dub)

“If Masters At Work touched anything in the 90’s, it became legendary! It was hard not include their classic St Etienne remix on the list. The sub bass on this one sounds incredible on a good sound system. Perfect to reset the floor!”

4. Crustation – ‘flame’ (Mood II borderline insanity dub mix)

“Mood II Swing’s back catalogue is incredible – this one is perfect for warming up the dance floor. Shouts to Ryan Elliott for showing me this one.”

5. Doobie Dubs – ‘Perfect Love’ (Dub)

“Can’t not dance to this track, lovely vocal chops and synth stabs.”

6. Double 99 – ‘Ripgroove’ (Tuff Jam’s Groove Dub)

“As featured in my Essential Mix… this one does some damage in the club!”

7. Moog – ‘The Deep Freeze’ (Moog Dub 1)

“Serious bassline groove.”

8. Stage 28 – ‘Feel The Night’ (Dub Version)

“Classic Italian house – providing ultimate beach party vibes. Re-issued recently on Rebirth’s Ciao Italia series, grab it while you

9. Robin EE – ‘Alright Dub’

“Amazing percussion and drums on this one, can confirm it goes off!”

10. 95 North – ‘Let Yourself Go’ (Capitol dub)

“House meets UKG… a London classic in the 90s. It sounds amazing in the club and if you’ve seen me play recently, you’ll know this!”

Stream Theo’s latest remix below:

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