10 things that inspired Groundislava’s ‘Frozen Throne’

'Frozen Throne' is the third album by Jasper Patterson, better known as LA's Groundislava. With music that draws on a nostalgia for '80s pop culture (Jasper's dad, Michael Patterson, directed the music video of '80s nostalgia, A-Ha's Take On Me) as well as a love of more modern, cybernetic reference points like acid house, trance, and video game soundtracks, 'Frozen Throne' tells a tale of a lowlife in a futuristic dystopia who falls in love with a woman who only exists in a virtual dream. As the protagonist becomes more and more absorbed into the virtual realm, he eventually finds that the woman has gone, and wanders off in a drug haze into a cyberpunk metropolis.

With such a specific concept at its core, we asked Groundislava for some of the significant influences on the record. From online RPGs to classic cyberpunk novels, here are 10 things that inspired 'Frozen Throne'.

Friends of Friends/WEDIDIT release 'Frozen Throne' on September 22nd 2014 (pre-order).

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