Words by: Aimee Cliff

10 songs I was crazy about as a kid, by Prosumer

Achim Brandenburg, AKA Prosumer, has said of his residency at Berlin’s super-club Panorama Bar, that “it’s the most intense place I have ever played…sometimes, I am so moved spinning there that I get tears in my eyes.” Several months after moving on from the club, we caught up with the DJ who feels music so exquisitely to find out what songs from his childhood still have that same power to move him. His recording career might be firmly rooted in house, with his releases alongside Tama Sumo and Murat Tepeli being highlights, but his childhood reflections capture a sweep of pop, rock, soul and disco, as well as lyrics that were too adult for a child to know and the agony of waiting to tape a song off the radio.

  1. Kim Wilde – Child Come Away
    Prosumer: “The daughter of friends of my parents had that record – every time we visited, I wanted to listen to it over and over again. She must have gotten annoyed because one day she gave me that record.”
  2. Za Za – Zauberstab
    Prosumer: “When I was older I understood why my kindergarten teachers were so amused by me singing this as a kid, the lyrics are quite sexual. Unfortunately, there was only one Za Za album, try to find it and listen to Vorbei ist Vorbei, amazing.”
  3. Vince Montana Jr feat. Montana Sextet – Who Needs Enemies With A Friend Like You
    Prosumer: “A friend of my parents worked for the local radio and she always brought me records. One was a compilation of extended mixes, including I.O.U. by Freez and Heaven 17’s Let Me Go; I was crazy for both. But my favourite on this compilation was Who Needs Enemies With A Friend Like You, probably because my sister hated it so much.”
  4. Visage – Mind of a Toy
    Prosumer: “Another one my sister hated, she actually was scared of it. It was on the ‘High Life’ compilation, also holding Hands Up by Ottawan and Abba’s Lay All Your Love On Me.”
  5. Döf – Codo
    Prosumer: “I remember a summer holiday in Austria and I was waiting for that song to play on the radio to record it on tape. On the same tape was David Bowies Let’s dance, also big that summer.”
  6. Kiz – Die Sennerin Vom Königsee
    Prosumer: “I must have been pretty impressed by the performance of that song at ZDF Hitparade and the wild dancing, it was my inspiration for that year’s Halloween costume.”
  7. Blondie – Heart Of Glass
    Prosumer: “My beloved ‘Musikladen’ compilation. Next to Blondie, there was some Boney M (they were partly produced in my hometown), Pop Muzik, Looking for Clues and Funkytown on it.”
  8. Lio – Amoureux Solitaires
    Prosumer: “Same compilation and – for a change – a track also my sister liked, so it got a lot of play. Growing up at the french border, this song was also on the radio all the time.”
  9. Grauzone – Eisbär
    Prosumer: “When I years later discovered Film 2 by Grauzone, I was completely gobsmacked. Back then I had no idea about the B-side of Eisbär.”
  10. Boytronic – You
    Prosumer: “One of the guys in Boytronic, the guy with the leather hat and the sunglasses in this clip, later was a professor at the school I was studying at. That was 16 years after I was dancing in my parents living room to this. Compilation ‘New Top Hits’, also with Yello Lost Again.”

Prosumer and Murat Tepeli will take over Room Three at Fabric on Saturday 20th April; get more information on that here.

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