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10 members of Classical Trax to keep an eye on, according to Lorenzo BITW

Facebook music community Classical Trax has been royally poppin' off over the past few years. There's a waiting list to join and some of your favourite underground DJs are probably posting about cool shit they're doing and the new edits or productions they're working on.

We touched on basketball obsessed founder Matt Lutz's plans to release a compilation featuring all the young bucks in the crew a while back, with a premiere from featured producer Lorenzo BITW'JAMZ!' features some of the cliques most promising producers and was released today, exclusively on CT's domain. 

With a waiting list to join the Classical Trax Facebook group, there's an air of secrecy and anticipation hanging around it. We knocked heads with Lorenzo to get a little bit of a lowdown on the groups most prolific and promising members and what's floating his boat in the underground scene championed by the community. Listen to the selections below or take some time out with our continuous playlist on Soundcloud.

In Lorenzo's own words: "These are such an exciting times for me as underground and unsigned music have totally captured my attention. Classical Trax is an important source for me to find interesting and unknown music. This is a personal list of some of my favourite producers and DJs in the group".


Lorenzo: "Tears."

Riz La Teef

Lorenzo: "Playing solely dubs, Riz is our favorite DJ."


Lorenzo: "Mumbla is from Glasgow, he runs TooMuchHype and produces across various genres of music. Stukkie Dans is another belter from him."


Lorenzo: "Riddddddim!!! Mina is my favorite at the moment. She is so talented there is nothing you can do about it. She runs a party in London called Boko!Boko! which has a gender inclusive DJ policy and a specific aim of giving a platform to women that are just starting out."

DJ Stolen

Lorenzo: "Bristol finest DJ. His mix series on Soundcloud are always on point and especially this one. He also runs a show on Radar Radio."

Gqom Oh!

Lorenzo: "Music from South Africa released by an Italian guy, how mad is that? This is the mix Francesco (Kolè)  recorded for Insert (another important source of upfront music) and it features loads of music forthcoming on his label, Gqom Oh!"


Lorenzo: "Hot and sweaty stuff from cold Norway, a strong cross pollination between two different cultures. Svani, Torjus and Rytmeklubben are all amazing. I really want to go there and see how they produce surrounded by snow."


Lorenzo: "He is one of the most under rated producers at the moment! He combines different styles like afro, funky and bass music. This mix sums up loads of his tracks, and one of my favorite from him is The Music, so go and chck that out."

Kush Jones 

Lorenzo: "I don't know much about him, he just makes sick music."

These Evil Streets

Lorenzo: "Part of the Trax Couture family, These Evil Streets are an emerging duo from London. Their mixing skills are really good and their production is on point too. Their forthcoming stuff is awesome….you better watch out for them."

Classical Trax's Jamz! compilation is out now (buy).

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