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The 10 Best Old School Techno Tracks for Marathon Sets, according to Sept

"One of my secret weapons, peak time bomb..."

Techno sets… they’re a marathon, not a sprint. Warsaw’s Sept is someone who knows this well, having hauled his records around Europe and South America’s most well-respected clubs, delivering his brand of techno charged with emotional depth and intricate sound design.

Bursting onto the Warsaw scene in 2015 after throwing a series of ‘Lost Pool’ parties in abandoned swimming pools, Sept has since steadily built up a reputation for playing lengthy sets, for which – of course – you need an arsenal of long-spanning trax. Below, the highly renowned DJ lists the long-running cuts he chooses to pepper his sets with.

1. Eric Sneo meets Virgil Enzinger – ‘Metric’

“I am playing this one when the dancefloor is already lit. The energy this track has makes people crazy, it always delivers on the dancefloor. I spin loads of old tracks from Eric Sneo, so I recommend checking his stuff, you will find many tunes in this vibe.”

2. DJ Rush – ‘Get On Up (Chris Liebing Mix)’

“Some people don’t, but personally I love vocals included in techno tracks, as they add this very special drive into. I am performing quite often long closing sets, sometimes up to 8 hours, and this one works very well especially during late hours. Undoubted classic.”

3. Drax – ‘Phosphene’

“There is no set of mine without production from Drax aka Thomas P. Heckmann. His work is influencing the generations and setting the trends in contemporary electronic music incessantly. Without his fertileness, techno wouldn’t be the same nowadays.”

4. Karl O’Connor & Peter Sutton & Ian J. Richardson – ‘Death Head Said’

“Many may think this track is a bit repetitive, but in my opinion that makes it special. The music style of Karl O’Connor aka Regis is unique, but here in collaboration with Petter Sutton aka Female and Ian J. Richardson it gets the very special groove, that I adore a lot.”

5. Reeko – ‘Psychiatric Hospital’

“Reeko is my personal master of the breakbeat grooves when it comes to techno music. Despite this track being re-released in 2018 it has been in my playlist since 2016. Pure madness – this is how I would describe this tune.”

6. DJ Tonio & David Carretta ‎- ‘My Telephone Is Dead (Original)’

“French techno has a very extraordinary vibe, especially old school French techno. What I love in this one is the plucky bassline and raw synths sped up by sharp hi hats and accented claps. The dancefloor always burns because of ‘My Telephone Is Dead’.”

7. Headroom – ‘Solar (Vincent De Wit & Bas Mooy Remix)’

“I came across this track not that long ago while digging on Discogs, and it charmed me by its groove. I couldn’t help myself from ordering this record. Since it got delivered it’s always in my record bag.”

8. Panic Attack – ‘Fat & Cold’

“One of my secret weapons, peak time bomb. This Belgian producer has some more interesting releases to check.”

9. Patrick DSP – ‘Geheim 01’

“Another one including scream-y vocals, so it couldn’t get off my attention. The powerful kick is propelled by percussion sounds in a way I dig the most.”

10. Underworld – ‘Born Slippy’

“An absolute classic. Whenever I hear the vocal it gives me goosebumps. Lots of people may think it’s overplayed, but this one will always figure somewhere in my Top 10.”

Listen to Sept’s release on 12” V/A from Counterweight Records here.

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