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The 10 Best Fresh Electro Tracks, according to Olivia

"When aliens decide to land on planet Earth, this will be the track I play for them."

A key mover and shaker in Kraków’s underground club scene for the past 15 years, Olivia is one of Unsound festival’s residents and arguably one of Europe’s most exciting selectors. Having founded cult clubnight We Are Radar which has served as an important leading light in the local scene, and she continues to champion open-mindedness and safe spaces as places to party.

Olivia’s coveted sets usually mine a field of dark, raw techno, while also dipping into Drexciyan electro and sounds from the ’80s. Ahead of her appearance at the Peacock Society festival this weekend – which also boasts sets from the likes of Bicep, Honey Dijon, Yaeji and many more – she lists her pick of the freshest electro cuts that’ll no doubt work their way into her sets.

1. Jensen Interceptor & Assembler Code – ‘Natural Control’ [Private Person]

“An absolute bomb. I love it and have to say that although I play it very often it did not age a bit, still so fresh! It is always in my record bag as this is this kind of track that always works well on a dancefloor.”

2. Ersatz Olfolks – ‘Stella’ [Mechatronica]

“A perfect combination of two things I love – acid and electro. Released by Mechatronica, one of my favourite labels, ‘Stella’ is an amazing mixture of rawness and intense energy that makes everyone go crazy.”

3. TV.OUT – ‘USER3328’ [VEYL]

“This track of Israeli duet TV.OUT creates such dense and a disturbing atmosphere that could easily be a soundtrack for a zombie attack. It’s raw, distorted and very surprising. TV.OUT build the tension masterfully, thanks to which this number is a party no-brainer.”

4. Biøs – ‘Spectral Subspace’ [K-Hole Trax]

“Proper old school electro track with a modern cut and doomful vocal. Created by my friend biøs was released by Polish tape label K-Hole Trax. Must-hear!”

5. Wosto – ‘Race Days’ [Public System Recordings]

“Wosto is a half of Fallbeil, one of my favourite duos. ‘Race Days’ is like all tracks created by Wosto, meaning weird, engaging and ludicrous at the same time. Wosto takes music with a pinch of salt. Listening to his music is always a pleasure.”

6. Ca$hminus – ‘No Satisfaction (Credit 00 Molenbeek Bad Boy Remix)’ [Rat Life]

“I’m pretty sure I have all releases of Rat Life label. It’s my ultimate favourite! Slow electro is something that I’m recently very into and this one has everything it should. Unhurried vibe, weird vocal lines and great groove.”

7. Dyktando – ‘GAR’ [Syntetyk]

“Dirty, dark and dystopian. Produced by Polish producer Dyktando and released by the Syntetyk label, this track is a treat for lovers of hardware sound.”

8. Lithium Parasites – ‘Incursion Paradigm’ [RotterHaque Records]

“When aliens decide to land on planet Earth, this will be the track I play for them.”

9. Docta Gee & Dark Vektor – ‘Syntechnique’ [Blind Allies]

“Blind Allies label from Latvia is known for releasing great electro stuff, very often from producers I haven’t heard before. It’s a vinyl-only label, that’s why I have to keep abreast of their releases as they sell out very quickly. Each release is a compilation of tracks by various artists, I like this concept a lot as it opens up the opportunity to get to know music of different artists. This particular track by Docta Gee & Dark Vector is abstruse electro with broken basslines and futuristic vocals.

10. Krypton 81 – ‘Telephone Operator’ [Underground Music Xperience]

“Even though this track was made in 2019 it could easily be released 20 years ago. I’m a big fan of old school electro tracks, they are often very carefree and with a sense of humor. “Telephone Operator” with vocals sounding like robots is just like that.”

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