Young Fathers - Sister

The Edinburgh hip hop group give a raw performance of this bustling cut from their soon to be re-released mixtape.

Cosmopolitan rap collective Young Fathers have been threatening to be phenomenal for a couple of years now – tantalising with their potential, but without yet seeming to reach full gear. They were one of the rather more ill-fated groups to feature on tips for 2012 lists this time last year, but look set to start 2013 with a clean slate as their dense and unpredictable ‘Tape One’ mixtape gets a deserving re-release from Anticon in January.

A few months back we premiered the horror-tinged video accompanying Rumbling, and now the group have put together another visual for a cut from ‘Tape One’. The Sister video sets the trio in a shadowy, nondescript urban space of cold brick and scattered rubbish, with a screen projecting an array of seemingly unrelated – but intriguing – cultural images. It offers up a rawer performance than seen on the grainy Rumbling video, energising Sister’s clattering collision of African chanting, barefaced indie scream-outs and those distinctive rap deliveries from each of them – united by their sense of lyrical abandon and abstract poeticism. They’ve had a stuttering start, but Young Fathers still feel like a group worth getting excited about.

Anitcon will release ‘Tape One’ on 14th January

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