Young Dreams - Young Dreams [video]

A beautifully shot and unsettling video for new Norwegian band Young Dreams' self-titled single.

Norwegian group Young Dreams are the newest addition to the Modular family. Their self-titled single received a visual treatment – directed by Kristoffer Borgli, it is a beautifully shot and slightly unsettling video that fuses pop, psychedelic rock and symphonic arrangements, which features a revolving cast of ten members. On explaining the concept of the track, the band explain, “This was one of the first songs we recorded for our forthcoming album. The whole Young Dreams project started as a reaction to the values in contemporary pop songwriting, arranging, and producing. This was our attempt to make a song with a focus on late romantic harmonies and arrangements, kind of like a homage to how people composed back in the days, inspired by Grieg’s lyric pieces.”

Modular will release Young Dreams’ debut album in 2012, more details to follow.

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