Watch: White Virgins - Turn Off The Lights

Taken from Soulwax's 'Belgica' soundtrack, the fictional quartet perform their single in the packed titular club.

Last week, Soulwax released 'Belgica' - an original soundtrack for Felix Van Groeningen's film of the same name, written, recorded, and composed by The Dewaele Brothers at their new Deewee studio in Ghent. It tells the story of two brothers' rise to fame as part of the indie nightclub scene in Belgium (sound familiar?) with the music impersonated by fifteen different fictional groups - one of them being White Virgins, whose video for Turn Off The Lights is premiering above.

As you would expect, the quartet performs the song to a packed crowd in the dark titular club. After the building vocal refrain by White Virgins' singer, the bells sound and it goes off as the group thrashes out a techno-kraut hybrid to flashing lights and jumping bodies, with a horn section on the balcony above joining them for the blow-out at the finale.

Soulwax's 'Belgica' soundtrack is out now through Play It Again Sam (buy).

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