Watch: The Klinik - Moving Hands (Helena Hauff Remix)

Flickering graphics and shadowy figures accompany Hauff’s rework of the EBM duo.

Bringing together some of the more unsung heroes of minimal wave, industrial and EBM - Keith McIvor aka JD Twitch released a compilation titled 'So Low' for The Vinyl Factory back in February. Alongside his selections is a remix pack that includes JD Twitch himself, Powell, John Bender and Helena Hauff. 

The latter remix is of pioneering EBM duo The Klinik's Moving Hands and it's classic Hauff - a dark, hypnotising rework that combines EBM and techno, with terrifying, hollow claps creating a spooky atmosphere. You can watch the video that accompanies it for the first time below. The low-budget, DIY feel of the video for The Klinik's original from 1988 is kept intact but directors Katie Shannon and Marianne Wilson put a different spin on it along with editor Dave Clark. Shadowy figures move through bridges and buildings as flickering, technicolour graphics provide a sensory overload. 

'So Low Remixes' is out now via The Vinyl Factory (buy).

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