Watch: Tempelhof x Gigi Masin - Tuvalu

Tempelhof and Gigi Masin announce their new album with a Super 8 video directed by Sonny Boy.

Next year, cult producers Tempelhof and Gigi Masin are to release a new collaborative album; the follow-up to their 2014 full-length 'Hoshi'. In previewing the new collaboration, today (December 8th) the trio - composed of Luciano Ermondi, Paolo Mazzacani, and Gigi Masin - share their new track Tuvalu, with a wistful new video directed by their frequent collaborator Sorry Boy.

Shot on a Super 8 film camera, the clip's globe-trotting footage accommodates a drifting, reflective soundscape; designed to be listened to and more to be occasionally overheard. As ignorable as it is interesting, as a launch-pad for their new work, the mood, and ambience of Tuvalu makes up for its lack of force by staying content with being on the ground.

In a statement provided to Dummy, here's what director Sorry Boy has to say about the video:

"We were sitting at a table in our local bar, drinking the most horrible beer ever when we began chatting about the Tuvalu video. We had a very vague idea about the subject of the video itself, but we agreed it should be, in some ways, about Japan, of course not because we don't know the planet Geography, just because the whole album is dedicated to (and not inspired by) Japanese aesthetic. Once at home, I began searching material without any success.

As a Westerner, I was deeply afraid of falling into stereotypes, so I began working on the idea of a trip with no destination but the lost and the subsequent research of himself. So, I fell in love with the beauty of some super 8 videos shot in the Seventies by an Italian restless video maker, a gynecologist, and trumpeter who traveled all over the world. The starting point was to put in a second plan the classic documentary approach like "places you must see before die", to focus on the trip like perpetual moving. Anyway, we started from the idea to make a video on Japan, or maybe we were looking for Tuvalu, which is more unknown of Pluto, surely we didn't want to talk about love. But love is in everything."

Watch the video to Tuvalu above.

Tempelhof and Gigi Masin's as-yet-untitled album is out in early 2016 through Cascine/Hell Yea.

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